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MTN Webphone with Webex

MTN Uganda, in collaboration with Cisco, the global leader in video conferencing and messaging solutions, has announced the relaunch of MTN Webphone with Webex. This groundbreaking communication solution allows MTN customers residing in the diaspora to make calls to Uganda at local calling rates.

A Comprehensive Communication Platform

MTN Webphone with Webex is not just an ordinary calling application; it offers users a comprehensive platform with a wide range of communication tools. Users can enjoy features such as chatting, conference calling, and seamless file sharing from anywhere in the world.

Smooth Business Operations and Affordable Connections

With this cutting-edge solution, MTN customers can ensure smooth business operations, stay connected with friends and family in Uganda at affordable local rates, and effortlessly collaborate with employees and business partners across the globe.

Enthusiasm for the Future

MTN Uganda Partnership with Cisco Brings Innovation

Sylvia Mulinge, CEO of MTN Uganda, expressed her excitement about the relaunch, emphasizing its significance in achieving MTN’s Ambition 2025.

Mulinge stated, “MTN Webphone with Webex marks a significant milestone in our journey towards MTN’s Ambition 2025. We believe everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life and this includes not only providing connectivity but also doing so affordably. Our partnership with Cisco allows us to deliver an unmatched communication experience to our customers, empowering them to stay connected, productive, and agile in today’s digital age. We believe this innovative solution will transform the way people communicate globally.”

Ibrahim Senyonga, General Manager of MTN Enterprise Business Unit, highlighted the importance of MTN Webphone with Webex as a key addition to their Unified Communications portfolio. The aim is to provide a full suite of voice services, both mobile and fixed, especially for the business community.

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Senyonga noted that the solution addresses affordability and convenience for Ugandans in the diaspora, traders, and business travelers who wish to stay in touch with their contacts and family back home.

“MTN Webphone with Webex is a key addition to our Unified Communications portfolio, that seeks to ensure that we deploy the full suite of voice services, both mobile and fixed, particularly for the business community. We believe that MTN Webphone with Webex is the answer to affordability and convenience for Ugandans in the diaspora, traders and business travelers who want to stay in touch with their contacts and family back home.”

Empowering Businesses with Advanced Tools

MTN Webphone with Webex demonstrates MTN’s commitment to delivering industry-leading connectivity services and empowering businesses with advanced tools to enhance productivity and growth.

To sign up for MTN Webphone with Webex, customers can visit any MTN Service Center with a valid National ID and a working email address. Upon registration, users will be assigned a web phone number starting with ‘032.’

This number enables them to make calls over the internet using a smartphone, tablet, or any other internet-enabled device.