Museveni applauds Bobi Wine on COVID-19 fight
President Museveni applauds Bobi Wine on COVID-19 fight: He’s an exemplary leader. PHOTO/TWITTER

Museveni applauds People Power’s Bobi Wine, Kabaka for their contribution towards COVID-19 fight by donating relief items through the national taskforce

People Power’s Bobi Wine, Kabaka joins COVID-19 fight – While addressing the nation on Wednesday 8th, President Museveni hailed all particular individuals and companies that donated towards the struggle against the deadly coronavirus.

Museveni in particular, singled out the Kabaka of Buganda and the People Power initiator also Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine thanking them for their contributions towards ensuring that the country eradicates this Coronavirus disease COVID-19

Museveni who was reading out a list of all contributors to the public said that they together with other institutions contributed different items and cash to the Government.

He thanked them for being exemplary leaders to the public and showing that they love and care for the nation.

“Thank you so much. Now you see you are joining the people,” President Museveni said amid smiles while addressing the nation on the coronavirus situation in the country.

Besides, Museveni directed that all their names should be published in the papers for the public to commemorate their great efforts.

“These should be published in the papers,” directed the President, clearly happy with the generosity.

According to the Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, many people including companies have also donated items ranging from money and vehicles to mattresses, spray pumps, gas cylinders, gloves, soap, face shields, hand sanitizers, pharmaceutical drugs, testing kits, mosquito nets, food and drinking water.

Museveni applauds Bobi Wine on COVID-19 fight
President Museveni applauds Bobi Wine on COVID-19 fight: He’s an exemplary leader. PHOTO/TWITTER

However, President Museveni re-echoed once again that anyone willing to offer need and help should do so through the government task force rather than doing it himself alone because he or she will be arrested and charged with attempted murder.

He said that politicians or individuals should not engage in distributing relief items directly to the masses themselves because this will attract public gathering which can act as a breeding ground for the spread of the virus.

“Charge them with attempted murder” because they are endangering the lives of people by undermining the anti-coronavirus measures put in place.

Such a person will be an enemy of the people,” Museveni re-emphasized before directing the Police to arrest the implicated individuals for flouting health emergency regulations.

He relatively called on the public mostly those who are in a position to do so to make more donations to make the work of the Government easier in trying to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

In particular, President cited out companies and individuals to donate 4X4 brand new pick-up trucks for use by the health ministry pinpointing that the health ministry requires about 1400 of these vehicles to simplify their work in fighting the deadly coronavirus.

“Besides, our factories are gearing up to provide these items,” Museveni added explaining that many companies in the country are in a position to manufacture most of the items needed in the fight against the coronavirus.