museveni suspends public transport
President Museveni suspends use of public transport for 14 days with immediate effect.

Museveni bans taxis, boda bodas and all public means of transport for two weeks

President Museveni has Wednesday, 25th banned all public means of transport including boda bodas and taxis as Uganda registers more Coronavirus cases.

While addressing the country on the increasing cases of coronavirus, Museveni said that banning public means was inevitable because it would act as a breeding place for the virus.

As a result, this has been done to help combat the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

“This means all taxis, minibuses, buses, passenger trains, tuk-tuks and boda bodas have been suspended for 14 days because we want to minimize movement of people,” Museveni said in a statement.

Also, Museveni implied that only private means of transport will remain operating but they should also not carry more than three people including the driver.

“The only means will be private vehicles but they should not carry more than 3 people including the driver,” Museveni said before pinpointing that vehicles for security officers and health professionals including ambulances will also remain operating.

Museveni’s order comes only hours after the Health Ministry announced five more cases of COVID -19 pushing the total to 14 in less than one week.

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The five cases included two of the six Chinese who had earlier tried to escaped to Zombo but arrested on their way and brought back into quarantine. Part of the announced victims also was an 8-month-old baby who presented with symptoms in Iganga.

museveni suspends public transport
President Museveni suspends use of public transport for 14 days with immediate effect.

While addressing a presser today afternoon, Dr Henry Mwebesa, the Director-General of Health Services said that the victims including an eight months baby presented with signs of flu and difficulty in breathing.

“The baby’s father had travelled from Kisumu, Kenya. The baby presented with flu and difficulty in breathing. Seeing the signs, health workers took samples and sent them to the Uganda Virus Institute which tested positive,” Dr Mwebesa said.

Other cases include a 63-year-old Ugandan who travelled from Germany and a 57-year-old Ugandan male in Adjumani who is currently being isolated in Adjumani general hospital.

Meanwhile, Dr Mwebesa said that the victim in Adjumani had not travelled abroad but would once in a while cross the border point at South Sudan to trade salt.