Museveni COVID-19 bans Boda Bodas
Museveni bans all movement of Boda Bodas after 2 PM as Uganda cases rise to 53. FILE PHOTO

President Museveni on Wednesday stopped all movement of boda bodas after 2 pm in Uganda as COVID-19 cases rise to 53

President Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday ordered all boda bodas to ensure they are off the road by 2 pm as a measure to mitigate the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease COVID-19.

Museveni who was addressing the nation on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic said that he reviewed the CCTV cameras earlier this week and found out that some boda boda men were still transporting passengers.

He advised that this should stop because it puts not only their life but the life of all many Ugandans at risk as a result of close contact.

Museveni explained that his only purpose of leaving motorcycles to operate was to see that they go door to door delivery of cargo and not carrying passengers like it is witnessed in the video.

“No boda boda should be seen carrying a passenger, not even your baby. They only carry cargo especially door to door delivery. By 2 pm they should stop operating,” Museveni said.

Besides, he also said that car owners especially those with double cabins and other pickups for carrying food items should only drive on the roads if they are carrying cargo.

He said that they should not take people along with them as well as it has been the case in the camera footage he watched.

“When the IGp visited the camera command centre, he saw a lot of double cabins and other pickups carrying nothing,” he said reiterating that people should use these vehicles only for work and not a luxury during this bad time.

President Museveni’s directive comes at a time when Uganda is now on 53 coronavirus cases after one person tested positive of the virus on Wednesday out of the 214 samples that were reviewed.

Museveni COVID-19 bans Boda Bodas
Museveni bans all movement of Boda Bodas after 2 PM as Uganda cases rise to 53. FILE PHOTO

In East Africa, Uganda comes after Kenya with 179 cases and Rwanda with 105 cases as the country with the most COVID -19 victims. Tanzania only has 24 cases.

Museveni however, applauded Ugandans for being partly compliant to rules and guidelines arguing that if the public had not paid attention to simple details then the COVID -19 situation would be worse by now in the country.

“I want to thank people for responding well because if they hadn’t, I don’t know where we would be. However, some actors play with fire but they should stop,” Museveni thanked.

Museveni also commended government for reacting fast towards the virus to see that it does not spread steadily in the country.

He added; “If we had not acted in time, I don’t know where we would be now.”

Meanwhile, he explained that the government is working to see a reduction in the rules and directives but this will not come first because coronavirus is still at its first stage of growth in the country.

“We are still assessing the effect and we don’t want to rush too quickly to celebrate that we have succeeded. We are monitoring the results which may not be conclusive but showing some success.”