Museveni imposed coronavirus lockdown
Museveni praised the impact of the previously imposed lockdown on the spread of coronavirus. PHOTO/TWITTER

Mr Museveni praised the impact of the previously imposed lockdown on the spread of the current novel coronavirus.

President Museveni on Monday praised the impact of the previously imposed lockdown on the spread of coronavirus among community members.

Speaking to the nation on the current novel Coronavirus, Museveni said the lockdown had saved Uganda from recording a large number of infections as seen in other countries.

Also, Museveni explained that the country has been able to better understand what the virus is and how it spreads in an attempt to prepare in advance.

“The strategy of lockdown has saved us from getting big numbers and has also helped us to have a rough idea as to where the enemy is coming from and also to prepare better,” Museveni said during his 14th address to the nation on Monday.

The president further emphasized that due to the lockdown, they were able to identify areas that could be infected with the virus. In particular, he cited micro-border points that account for over 70% of all positive cases in Uganda.

“After suspending much of the activities in the country, the enemy (the coronavirus) was dealt a huge blow. The enemy now is coming from cargo drivers – 73% of all the positive cases,” Museveni said.

However, the President justified the reason why they continued to allow the movement of cargo truck drivers, despite being the main contributors to Uganda’s most recent cases.

Their movement is inevitable because most of the cargo they carry is from Uganda, and as a result, stopping them affects not only the locals but the entire country’s economy.

“When we allowed the truck drivers to come in, we knew it was a calculated but also a manageable risk. Much of the in-bound and out-bound cargo is ours so it is a wrong strategy to block cargo, but also because it is not necessary,” he added.

As a way forward, Museveni said that they were working on a plan to ensure that all the trucks test results are released in advance and that no driver will be allowed to exit before their results were released.

Meanwhile, the president reiterated that Uganda is now in a position to fight the deadly coronavirus. He praised the role of healthcare professionals in identifying and treating infected patients.

“We are now more prepared to fight the deadly coronavirus, with the efforts by ‘our scientists’ to develop a way of killing the virus with ‘dedicated medicine’ underway.

“I, therefore, congratulate our health workers and doctors who have detected these cases and treated them,” Museveni commended.

He praised the role played by the security forces in ensuring that all Ugandans comply with guidelines such as lockdown and curfew till dawn as a way of controlling the spread of the coronavirus.