Big Eye pelted bottles again
Happening Again: Musician Big Eye pelted with bottles for the second time at Spice Diana’s concert. File Photo

Happening Again: Musician Big Eye pelted with bottles for the second time at Spice Diana’s concert

Musician Ibrahim Mayanja, professionally known as Big Eye, was pelted again with thousands of bottles while performing at Spice Diana Ndi Mu Mood concert at Freedom City on Friday, January 17, 2020.

When the ‘ Star Boy ‘ walked onto the stage with a maroon head sock on his head, he started to entertain the fans at Freedom city.

He had just started performing when many bottles had fallen from the crowd, followed by threats, a simple sign of disapproval that meant he had to leave the stage.

As the bottles continued to bounce from a section of the audience, Big Eye first refused to step off the stage.

After a while, Big Eye knelt and asked the angry fans to kill him on the stage if he wasn’t a Ugandan like them. The organizers of the event shortened the show and intended to take him off the stage to restore peace within the portion of the revellers who had turned rowdy.

“(lifting his hands)…Ugandans what’s going on? What’s going on? (Kneeling)…what’s going on Ugandans…go on and kill me…go on and kill me…Ugandans I want you to kill me right here…kill me if am not a Ugandan, “screamed singer Big Eye.

Since it was the second time he had been washed with flying bottles, Big Eye had lost consciousness and was rushed to Hospital.

Big Eye pelted bottles again
Big Eye rushed to Hospital after being pelted with bottles

His close friends, confirmed that after the artist bounced off the stage with flying bottles, announced that he had lost consciousness, which left him lying unconscious only to be rushed to the hospital.

“Big Eye has fainted and we have rushed him to a nearby clinic on Entebbe road. His situation is not good to pray for him. ADMIN” they posted on Big Eye’s Facebook official page.

Big Eye first encountered the same attacks at the Uganda Museum on 1 January 2020, while performing at the NBS UNCUT on the first anniversary

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The root of his troubles was his public support for the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) under President Yoweri Museveni. Based on social media comments, fans blame him for betraying the Ugandans by helping the incumbent.

Earlier Singer Ibrahim Mayanja, alias Big Eye, cried out to the public to let him work for his family, but it seems that after the incident at the Uganda Museum, when NBS Uncut celebrated its first anniversary and the current one at Freedom City, Revelers did not respond to his appeal.