Nile Breweries maintain beer prices despite commodity price hikes
Onapito Ekomoloit, Nile Breweries Legal and Corporate Affairs Director, said this was necessary because a significant number of Ugandans are still struggling to recover from the effects of Coronavirus. FILE PHOTO

Nile Breweries Limited has stated that despite an increase in commodity prices everywhere in the world, they will not be raising their beer prices further.

Nile Breweries Limited has announced that they will not be making any further adjustments in their beer prices despite a drastic increase in commodity prices across the entire world.

For months now since Russia’s war with Ukraine, prices for a number of items including fuel and other necessities have seen an increase in their prices with many countries citing the scarcity of raw materials as the contributor.

With fears that beer companies are also set to increase their products, Nile Breweries has made it clear they will not increase their prices even though the raw materials used to make beer, have increased across the country.

In a statement released Thursday, Onapito Ekomoloit the Nile Breweries Legal and Corporate Affairs Director said this has been done because they understand that a big number of Ugandans are still trying to recover from the effects posed by the coronavirus.

“We understand that prices of most commodities, including the raw materials we use to make beer, have increased across the country. However, we also understand that Ugandans are still trying to recover from the upheaval that was the Covid-19 lockdown,” Ekomoloit said.

He stressed that the depression in the economy has affected many Ugandans too and thus increasing their prices would mean that they only care for themselves and not the country as a whole.

“We want to stand with all Ugandans during these hard times and get through them together where we can. That is why we are maintaining our current beer prices despite market pressures and the increasing cost of production,” Ekomoloit stressed.

In addition, he said in the near future, the beer company is focused on ensuring Ugandans continue receiving the best products at affordable prices.

“In the immediate future our mission is to offer the best products to our consumers. We have been with them for years, we understand issues that affect them, and we want to move at their pace as they go through these hardships,” he added.

Meanwhile, Molly Horn the beer company Trade Marketing Manager warned selling agents against hiking prices for their products, adding that the recommended retail prices have since been circulated on their social media platforms for the members of the public .

“We need all our sellers to respect the recommended retail prices and if you find anyone selling our beers at a higher than recommended prices or claiming that we have increased our prices, please inform us and we shall follow up.”