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Who is Nina Roz?

Who is Nina Roz? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, early life, Age, music, songs, education and background of Nina Kankunda.

Nina Roz, birth name Nina Kankunda is a Ugandan female recording artist, fashionista, a model who does ragga, afro dancehall and afro-pop. 

When she joined the industry in 2016, the beautiful tall diva was a friend to Ugandan record label known as Team No Sleep commonly known as TNS before which helped her in recording her first single before she started a solo career.

Nina Roz – Education and Background 

Nina Kankunda famously known as Nina Roz was born in July 1993 to a family of Mr Matia Nsemeirwe Martin and Proscovia Tumukunde in Mbarara but was raised in Kampala. 

According to Nina Roz, the name Kakunda comes from her mother’s side which makes most of the people to think that she comes from western Uganda but Nina says her father comes from Rwanda and she is also a Rwandan by default. Kankunda is the only child in her mother and father but with step-siblings with both sides of the parents. 

In her early days of school, the beautiful tall talented diva attended a school called St. Steven’s Church of Uganda which is based in Entebbe Kisuggu. After her primary level, she joined Kakungulu Memorial she later changed and joined Kibuli SS which is also a Muslim school and she finished her secondary level at Mitiyana Trinity College.

The small slender beautiful Nina Roz joined East African University where she was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration but never got a chance to finish because of financial issues. 

Nina Roz stepfather Hajji Gita Sulaiman was the pillar of the family and was the person paying Nina Roz’s tuition fee but he fell sick when Nina had just joined campus and could no longer pay for her which made Nina drop out of campus and join the music industry.

In her primary and secondary level Nina Roz involved herself in various singing and dancing competition and according to her, she was a leader with a position in her entire secondary and primary level. 

During her life in school, Nina Roz says she connected more with boys more than girls and she referred to herself as a tomboy.

Nina Roz on fashion model
In her s.6 vacation, Nina Kakunda alias Nina Roz joined the modelling industry.

Nina Roz – Fashion career

In her s.6 vacation, Nina Kakunda alias Nina Roz joined the modelling industry. Nina’s height of over 6ft was unique which attracted most of the modelling companies to use her in their projects.

Music career 

In her secondary level (s.4 and s.6) Nina Roz connected with a ragga female dancehall artiste known as Empress who was the best at the time and became a backup artiste of Empress in most of her gigs and beach bashes were she could perform.

After dropping out of campus Kakunda joined the groups of girls that were slaying and partying in Kampala’s best clubs at the time and she got a chance to link up with friends who were influential in the music industry.  

One Saturday morning Nina was invited by her friend Davido to attend a boat cruise and on this boat cruise Nina Roz connected with a lady who a had the most trending hit in a town known as Ice cream and according to Nina, her life changed the day she met Sheebah Karungi

Nina says she meant Sheeba when she was going through a lot of depression and frustrations but Sheeba helped her to overcome.  

Nina later flew to South Africa to get a job and in this period she spent looking for a job she realized that the only thing she could do was music. 

After one month Nina returned to Uganda and went back to Team No sleep and told Sheeba’s manager Jeff Kiwa that she wanted to sing. Jeff Kiwa took her to the studio to record her first demo to see if she had the potential of singing.

Nina says the demo was a success although it wasn’t released because of unclear reasons. In September 2016 Jeff Kiwa took her to producer Shidy Beats who produced her first single titled Oli Mekete which was a collaboration between her and Roden Y Kabako.

After the release of the song a video producer called Grate Make gave her an offer to shoot her first video and in October 2016 the video was released. 

Jeff Kiwa told Nina Roz that he was unable to manage her but advised her to get a sponsor, not a manager and according to Nina, this was a blessing because Jeff had shown her how the music industry runs and those who matter in the industry.

In 2017 Nina Roz was signed to Boom bark records and early that year she linked up with Daddy Andre who produced her second club banger titled Omuliro which was an Afro-DanDancehall song. Later in 2018, she released another single titled Olumya Banno which was produced by Nessim pan production and in 2019 she released Anayinama a dancehall song.

Nina Roz started singing
Nina Roz connected with a ragga female dancehall artiste known as Empress who was the best at the time and became her backup artiste.

In 2020 Nina Roz left Boom bark records and joined the management of Sure Events where she has released two latest singles titled Ntinka nkutike and Ekyoyoyo and they were produced by Diggy Baur and Daddy Andre respectively.

Kakunda is known for her soft sweet silky voice and her videos which are characterized with creativity and the latest fashion trends which makes them unique.


  • Pafa Awards 2018- Best Female Fashionista
  • Hipipo Awards 2018- Must Watch Talent 
  • Hipipo Awards 2019- Best breakthrough Artist 


  • Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2018 –Most stylish Female Artiste 
  • Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2017 – Most stylish Female Artiste

Nina Roz Songs

  • Assurance -2017
  • Omuliro- 2017
  • Ebiroowozo-2017
  • Sikuta-2017
  • Olumya Banno-2018
  • Bukenke – 2018
  • Twebusa- 2018
  • Fight for it-2018
  • Mbaayo-2018
  • Daily basis -2017
  • Anayinama -2018
  • Ofunira Wa- 2019
  • Munda Ddala-2019
  • Ntika nkutike-2020
  • Ekyoyoyo- 2020


  • Oli Mekete-Nina Roz ft Kabako -2016
  • njagala double – Nina Roz ft Ratigan
  • Sinaba –Nina Roz ft Sammy Bwoy
  • Tomala Budde- Nina Roz – ft Eddy Wizzy
  • Akanchawa- Nina Roz ft Dan Dizzy 
nina roz sheebah two were dating each other
When Nina Roz and Sheeba became close friends news started making round that these two were dating each other.


When Nina Roz and Sheeba Kalungi became close friends news started making round that these two were dating each other and it was said Nina Roz was the girlfriend while Sheeba acted as the boyfriend. Nina Roz came out to refute the claims and she says Sheeba was just a close friend who helped her to overcome the depression she was going through.

After deciding on joining the industry and started singing these two long time friends stopped Seeing Eye to eye and Nina says she didn’t do anything to Sheeba but Sheeba just decided to end their friendship. Nina also adds that she didn’t receive any support from her friend like how she had expected before joining the industry.

Close friends to Sheeba say she didn’t like the whole idea of Nina joining industry since she was sounding like she and Nina were starting to be close to Jeff Kiwa which Sheeba didn’t like.

Nina Roz has been accused of being a drug addict and the drugs have started affected her music career but Nina has claimed that these reports are wrong and irrelevant.

Nina Roz on drug addict
Nina Roz has been accused of being a drug addict, but later she trashed all the reports.

It’s also alleged that Nina Roz and a Ugandan dancehall artist known as Beenie Gunter were dating but both have said these reports aren’t true.