Bebe Cool Party with MC Kats
Bebe Cool responds to MC Kats call for financial support, accepts to help him. File Photo

Bebe Cool responds to the call for financial assistance from MC Kats ahead of his upcoming Valentine’s Day show Party with MC Kats

MC Kats born as Edwin Katamba got a smile on his face after making a loud cry in a video posted on his Facebook page when Gagamel CEO singer Bebe Cool replied with immediate effect to his call for help in preparing for his upcoming show, Party with MC Kats.

The show, dubbed ‘ Party With MC Kats, ‘ is scheduled for Friday at the Texas Lounge in Nsambya, but the organizer had insufficient financial support to make the event a success, so he devised a way to catch up by making an alarm to Bebe Cool.

“I discovered that Bebe you are my real uncle and family. You give out cars, you have money, you get more money from Guinness and with Museveni you’re okay. My show is on Friday, Valentine’s Day so would you give me Shs5M so that I can pay Silk Events to manage my sound, Zuena pl

After the news reached Bebe Cool, he invited the NBS After5 co-host to a lunch dinner so that they could discuss what the emcee was asking to be helped with.

Bebe Cool also went ahead to share his business experience and gave him some tips to help him revive.

MC Kats Bebe Cool financial support
MC Kats runs to Bebe Cool for financial support to clear debts of Silk Events. File Photo

After the meeting, the well-known emcee showered the singer with applause on his Instagram account, saying that Bebe was made up of an ocean of money ideas in his head.

“If Brains Could be seen @bebecool_ug.You have An ocean of money ideas in your head. It was a billion-dollar lunchtime, “posted MC Kats on his Instagram page.

When talking to Spark TV recently, MC Kats said he was tired of things about Uganda’s entertainment industry because people don’t understand that he worked hard to raise the flag high from the time he appeared on the spotlight.

“Things concerning musicians are tiresome and stressing that’s why am tired of showbiz. I’m planning to join farming because when you help people, they don’t appreciate instead they take you for granted thinking that you only need money from them. I’m retiring very soon but I wan