Who is Pastor Irene Manjeri Nalongo?
Who is Pastor Irene Manjeri Nalongo?

Who is Pastor Irene Manjeri Nalongo? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, family, church ministry, preaching, husband, early life and education of the founder of Bethel Healing Centre Church.

Pastor Irene Manjeri Nalongo is a Ugandan gospel preacher, senior pastor of Bethel Healing Centre Church, Pride Theater along Namirembe Road in Kampala with its main branch under construction in Kajjansi, Kitende, along Entebbe Road. 

Besides being a Pastor, Pastor Manjeri is a Reverend, Bishop, tittles she achieved in the United States of America where she lived before she relocated to Uganda. 

She’s beautiful, elegant and likes all about style and fashion because she likes looking good. Pastor Manjeri rarely smiles but it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. 

She makes a lot of jokes while ministering, but she doesn’t laugh nor smile and some people mistake her to be rude and unfriendly, but she has an excellent spirit when you approach her. 

Early Life and Education

Pastor Irene Manjeri Nalongo was born on 28, May 1970 in a small village called Kapyanga, Bugiri district. 

Growing up in a humble peasant family, Manjeri did not attend school because her father refused to educate her saying educating a girl child is a wastage of time. She’s the ninth child of both her parents and the most successful child.

However, Pastor Manjeri with God’s grace moved to America as a child, which helped her attain better education and look after her siblings her parents. In her teenage years, Manjeri moved to America where she lived and got married to Dr Vincent Katongole, a gospel preacher as well. 

On January 12, 1982, Pastor Irene Manjeri visited heaven when she was only 11 years. She narrates that the event was captured by national and international media about a young girl who spent an hour in heaven with Jesus. 

By then, she was such a prayerful small girl that’s why she visited the Lord, according to her. And ever since then, Manjeri became born-again and started preaching the gospel. People witnessed signs and remarkable miracles when she ministered. 

And ever since then, she started ministering, taken to crusades and churches to give her testimonies and never looked back.

Even in America, she was a preacher and her spiritual father is Dr John Peyton an African American gospel preacher and even though she relocated to Uganda, the two are still in touch and each year he visits Uganda to minister. 

Pastor Manjeri claims Jesus taught her the bible and held her in his hands. “In the dream I saw the Lord Jesus Christ again and he taught me the book of Mark 1:1-5. He said to me that he has anointed my life to reach nations.” 

Today Pastor Manjeri is a prosperity, healing and miracle preacher. She has preached the gospel in Uganda and America and several parts of the World. 

Other Responsibilities

Pastor Irene Manjeri is a farmer. She does agriculture, chicken and pig rearing. She also has bridal boutiques in different countries and a few taxis for a side income.

She has a radio and television ministry titled ‘His Touch’ airing every Monday to Friday at 5:00 am on Impact FM and every Sunday at 8:00 pm on Light House Television.

Pastor Manjeri is currently constructing a 20,000 seater mega cathedral for Bethel Healing Centre Church in Kajansi Kitende along Entebbe Road where she normally conducts church’s night prayers from.

Also, Pastor Manjeri runs an orphanage centre, Bethel Orphanage located in Kitovu Kajjansi along Entebbe Road. She holds an annual Woman of Class International Conference and Dinner.

pastor irene manjeri biography
Manjeri is currently constructing a 20,000 seater mega cathedral for Bethel Healing Centre Church.


Pastor Irene Manjeri Nalongo is a twin mother married to Dr Vincent Katongole a pastor as well, and together they have children; Isaiah Elisha Katongole and twins Nissi Nakato Katongole and Elishaddai Wasswa Katongole.


Manjeri discusses breakup with husband

Nalongo Irene Manjeri Kantongole, the senior pastor of Bethel Healing Centre Church, has confirmed that her marriage to Dr Vincent Katongole, will end in golden premium tears soon.

Pastor Manjeri confirmed the news of their break-up after learning that the man she had been in a relationship with for 21 years plans to marry another woman.

During a phone interview with Spark TV, Irene Manjeri expressed regret over the time she spent with Dr Katongole even though she gave birth to a set of twins for him.

Katongole talks about the marriage saga

Dr Vincent Katongole, pastor Irene Manjeri’s husband, has come and shared his side of the story about why his marriage with her turned sour.

According to Dr Kantongole, he had legally divorced Manjeri and fallen out with her many years back, but when the senior pastor asked them to sit at a round table to reconcile, he agreed and returned to Uganda to stay with her, thinking that her behaviour had changed.

As he claimed, Manjeri in the church is totally different from Manjeri at home. He claimed she treated him like a slave, closing the gate on him and making him sleep out of it 12 times on her orders after coming home late from work.

In addition, Katongole said that she had threatened him that she has connections in the State House and IGP and that they will round him up and kill him; she even slept with Ak-47 in the house.

“My friend, to separate with a wife is a personal issue and you do it for the good of a person. It’s true she was my wife, however, our marriage fell out many years back,” said Katongole.