Paulson Semakula Luttamaguzi biography
Who is Paulson Kasana Semakula Luttamaguzi?

Who is Paulson Kasana Semakula Luttamaguzi? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, politics, education and family of a Ugandan politician.

Hon. Paulson Semakula Luttamaguzi is a member of parliament representing Nakaseke south in the parliament of Uganda. 

He came to the parliament in 2016 after the general elections that were held that year and they saw him defeat NRM candidate and other independent candidates. 

He subscribes to Uganda’s oldest political party called Democratic Party (DP). 

Semakula Luttamaguzi is among the very few members of parliament that have received appreciations and awards because of their hard work and contributions towards the developments of their constituencies. 

Luttamaguzi is the shadow minister of lands a position he got after fighting hard the land grabbers that hardly existed in his Nakaseke constituency. 

He is among the vocal opposition members of parliament that give president Museveni sleepless nights and this arises from the direct attacks he throws to his government.

Education and Early life

Hon. Paulson Kasana Semakula Luttamaguzi was born on 25th December 1979 in Kasangombe Nakaseke district to the family of the Late Luttamaguzi Mukiibi who was a father and farmer by occupation. 

His mother was called Cissy Nalunkuma but Luttamaguzi says he didn’t get to know a lot about his parents because he was ever in boarding schools. Luttamaguzi has six half-siblings. He went to Kitebi primary school and Timunah primary school. 

After his primary, he joined Jinja College for a short time and left because of the strike. He changed and joined Jinja secondary where he completed his O-level. 

For his A-level, he joined Luweero SS on a scholarship and then joined Makerere University where he pursued a degree in Commerce. 

Paulson Semakula Luttamaguzi Nakaseke south
He won the election and he became the first opposition member of parliament to defeat the NRM.

Work and experience

Paulson Luttamaguzi got his first job while still at campus and his first place of work was in European Union as a coordinator. 

According to Luttamaguzi, he managed to get this job with the help of a then deputy speaker of parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Kadaga who signed for him and managed to get the job.  

His monthly salary was three million and because of this heavy pay, he managed to buy his first car which was a Mercedes Benz. 

His love for politics started way back while still in school but when he joined university he officially started participating in elective politics and he was one of the daily participants of a then political talk show called Mambo Bado that used to air on CBS FM before its closure. 

While working in European Union, this exposed him to the Jews who trained him more and took him for future studies and after completion, he joined United Nations where he worked for some time and it’s during this time that he got a chance to get a scholarship and study in Harvard University for a short course. 

In 2015 he returned in Uganda and went back to his home district Nakaseke which had been taken off Luwero district.  

He decided to try his luck and contested as a member of parliament in Nakaseke south. It was very hard to think that he was going to make it since he was contesting in a place that was referred to as the Mecca of NRM and worst of all contesting as an opposition. 

Luttamaguzi won the election and he became the first opposition member of parliament to defeat the NRM government decisively in its stronghold as Nakaseke. 

Being his first term in parliament, most people thought that Paulson was going to behave like most first termers in the parliament but he proved them wrong and he was ranked among the best vocal members of parliament, especially from the central region. 

He is a member of the finance committee in parliament and he was put there because of his background and experience he has when it comes to finances. He is also currently the shadow minister for lands a position he has used to solve most of the land wrangles in the renowned cattle corridor. 

Apart from being a member of parliament, Luttamaguzi is a farmer and he grows coffee, bananas, maize and many more. He has used this as a way of solving unemployment in his constituency by employing most of the youths to work in his farms. 

When covid broke out in Uganda Luttamaguzi decided to deduct some portion of his salary and donated it to the covid task force. He has also donated some of his salaries to the police barracks that didn’t have power. 

He is among the few MPs that have received awards and appreciation from various people especially from those in the Diaspora.

Paulson Luttamaguzi tribal
He has been accused of promoting tribal sentiments and this also landed him into problems with the NRM regime.


Paulson Luttamaguzi is a married man but he does not want to put his family in the limelight. 


Hon. Luttamaguzi likes listening to slow music especially that from the west and he loves artists like Whitney Houston (Deceased), Mariah Carey, BeyonceKenny Rogers (Deceased) and Lucky Dube.


Luttamaguzi is among the most vocal members of parliament and some call him the controversial one and his character has landed him into problems with the state. 

He was arrested and put into prison in Kitalya where he spent a week before he was released. On his release, he claimed that he had been tortured by the security operatives who had arrested him. He said he was to open a court case against the individuals that had tortured him.

He was once in a bitter fight with another vocal person Tamale Mirundi. Luttamaguzi accused Tamale of attacking the Kabaka of Buganda and not respecting the Kingdom of Buganda. Luttamaguzi once mobilized youths to go beat up Tamale Mirundi after a talk show. 

But they later settled their differences.

Luttamaguzi has been accused of promoting tribal sentiments and this also landed him into problems with the NRM regime. 

Luttamaguzi says these false claims are spread by the regime to portray him as a person who promotes tribalism. He also accused the NRM government of wanting to assassinate him. 

Luttamaguzi says that there are some big names in government who to kill him after failing to defeat him in an election and the same people are spreading the tribal sentiments.