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Perry Johnson
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Who is Perry Johnson? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, wife, family, tribe, achievements, and relationship with Valerie, Diana, and the early life and education of an American businessman, author, and political contender from Michigan.

Perry Johnson also known as Perry Lawrence Johnson is an American businessman, author, and political contender from Michigan.

Perry is the president of Perry Johnson International Holdings, a company he founded along with many other companies.

Early Life and Education

Perry Johnson was born on January 23, 1948, in Dolton, Illinois, to Dorothy and Carl Johnson.

Valerie, his younger sister, was born in 1949. 

Johnson began attending Thornridge High School when he was 14 years old.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with a minor in economics.

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He then enrolled in the doctoral program for psychology at the University of Detroit but never graduated.

Perry Johnson is married to Diana and together they have three sons. They live in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Perry Johnson family

Career and Professional Work Experience

Perry Johnson has a background in product quality and has written several books on the subject with experience from running Perry Johnson International Holdings.

He is a lecturer and author of books and training materials on a variety of ISO standards, including the ISO 9000 Series, the ISO 14000 Series, and the AS9100 aerospace standard. 

He wrote the textbook ISO 9000: Meeting the New International Standards, which was followed by second and third editions, the most recent of which was published in 2000. 

Johnson also released Keeping Score: Strategies and Tactics for Winning the Quality War in 1989. 

He also wrote several more textbooks, including: 

ISO 14000 Registration Roadmap

ISO 14000: The Complete Guide to Environmental Management for Business Managers

1997 ISO/QS-9000 Yearbook

Johnson established Perry Johnson, Inc. in 1983, which delivered seminars on quality standards and, since its establishment, the ISO 9000 standards. 

General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford Motor Company—the “Big Three”—switched to QS9000 in 1994, requiring all suppliers to be certified. Johnson’s company was among the first to offer QS9000 certifications.

According to Carla Bailo, CEO of the Center of Automotive Research, the introduction of QS9000 standards helped avoid the “Japanese invasion,” or the production of extremely efficient and affordable cars as a result of Japan’s pervasive, stringent quality standards.

Johnson is also the author of Two Cents to Save America, a right-wing political essay that discusses budgetary and sociological issues.

Political Career

Perry Johnson declared his candidacy for the Republican candidacy for governor of Michigan in 2021. He launched his campaign with a $1.5 million advertising campaign that aired during the 2021 Super Bowl.

Johnson failed to fulfil the criterion of 15,000 valid signatures to appear on the ballot when it was discovered that 9,400 of the signatures provided by his campaign were invalid and counterfeit. 

He filed a federal lawsuit to stop the ballot printing so he could argue why he should be on the ballot, but he and two other candidates, Michael Markey and James Craig, had their appeals to remain on the ballot rejected by the state Supreme Court, which emphasized their fraudulent nature, with signatures harvested by paid circulators.

He spent $7,000,000 of his own money in his failed Republican candidacy bid. 

Johnson showed interest in competing for Michigan’s U.S. Senate seat in 2024 after being disqualified.

He declared his candidacy for president in 2024 on March 2, 2023. He has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to register a presidential campaign committee. 

Johnson’s campaign also aired a Super Bowl commercial in Iowa. His campaign motto is “Two Cents to Save America,” referring to his campaign’s core, a proposal that would take 2 cents off every dollar of government discretionary expenditure “year after year.” 

In late July, Johnson increased his efforts by selling $1 t-shirts with the words “fire Biden,” with each sale qualifying as a gift to his campaign. 

In addition, the Johnson campaign distributed $10 gas vouchers to everybody who donated $1 to his campaign. Johnson also spoke at the annual Lincoln dinner of the Republican Party of Iowa, a significant forum for candidates in the state.

Perry Johnson biography
Republican gubernatorial candidate Perry Johnson holds a campaign kick-off event in Lansing on Feb. 23, 2022. (Andrew Roth | Michigan Advance)

Achievements and Awards

Perry Johnson is the founder and owner of over 70 businesses that operate globally.

Perry Johnson Registrars (PJR) was created in 1994 by Johnson to certify and register companies’ conformity with various ISO standards. 

PJR has grown internationally since 1994, and as of June 2023, it has offices in 12 countries.

Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc., Johnson’s private accrediting body, “validates the competency of testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, reference material producers, and sampling organizations through the use of international and national standards.” 

He also owns Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation NP, Inc., a nonprofit accreditation organisation that can be used in place of the PJLA when a nonprofit organisation is required.

Johnson is an excellent golfer and bridge player. He has had great success as a bridge player, winning five National Bridge Championships. 

He has also competed in the World Championships six times, with a memorable eighth-place overall finish in Lille, France, in 1998.



On October 9, 2000, a complaint was filed against Johnson’s consulting firm, Perry Johnson, Inc., for sending ‘junk faxes’ in bulk. The FCC cited Perry Johnson Inc. for violating the TCPA through mass faxing. 

Johnson’s company agreed to pay up to $424.75 in damages to any corporation or individual who got a ‘junk fax.’ His company was also compelled to run an ad in USA Today outlining the compensation regulations and to build a website inviting receivers of unsolicited faxes to apply for reimbursement.

A previous complaint was brought stating that Johnson’s firm sent 11.7 million unsolicited faxes over a nine-year period, but it was dismissed because the plaintiffs sued Johnson personally rather than his company.

Following a complaint from Boeing alleging conflict of interest issues, the US Registrar Accreditation Board stopped PJR, preventing it from granting aerospace certificates.

The Japan Accreditation Board of Conformity Assessment also suspended the company. It filed a lawsuit in 2004 to challenge the suspension, but the board never answered in court.

Johnson was charged with paying media companies to focus on his campaign, specifically Semafor, through participating in a “pay-to-play” contract with Newsmax. 

This agreement was also presented to Vivek Ramaswamy, who declined and drew attention to the suspected act of Newsmax’s practice of buying article space for candidates, and efficiently running them as ads. 

Newsmax refuted both Ramaswamy’s accusation and Johnson’s claim.

Perry Johnson claimed to have qualified for the first debate on August 18, 2023, and claimed to have met with Fox News on the 22nd to do a rehearsal and walk-through of the debate process, only to receive a call on the 23rd claiming he didn’t qualify.

The sole accredited poll in which Johnson received a 1% return would be dismissed, according to the RNC, because the pollster, Victory Insights, did not match their criteria. As a result, Johnson did not participate in the debate. 

In reaction, Johnson labelled the qualification process “corrupt” and stated that he would attend the debate nonetheless. 

Johnson, who failed to qualify alongside Larry Elder, launched legal action against the RNC and sought the resignation of RNC chairperson Ronna McDaniel.

Johnson contributed $10,000 to a telethon fundraiser for the legal bills of the 16 Michigan phoney electors who signed statements falsely claiming Trump won the state in the 2020 presidential election.

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