Is a pillow worth it for pregnancy?
Is a pillow worth it for pregnancy? PHOTO/Babyology

Pregnancy pillows provide maximum relief and convenience from backache caused by an increase in weight, keeping a pregnant woman in a great mood.

Is a pillow worth it for pregnancy? It may take some time, tests and errors to pick a pregnancy pillow, but it is well worth supporting, comforting and providing the proper pregnancy pillows.

Pleasant may not be the word that women would use to describe pregnancy. The changes in their body’s shape, throwing their sleep schedule out the window, and sleep surfaces that used to serve unmatched relaxation suddenly fail to bring them comfort. 

Pregnancy pillows may be the answer to all of a woman’s child-bearing woes.

Maternity pillows are designed to best support a woman’s body during pregnancy, allowing them to rest more comfortably. 

Since proper sleep is deemed crucial not only for the mother’s health but for the baby as well, pregnancy pillows provide soon-to-be moms with the utmost convenience as it guides their bodies to the safest and most comfortable sleeping positions.

Read on, as we go through not just the most pressing issues soon-to-be parents have about these pillows, we will also try to find out which pregnancy pillow tops the buyer’s list on Amazon, Walmart and Target.

Why Should You Use A Pregnancy Pillow?

As changes and growth occur in your body, you may find getting a good night’s sleep to be a bit of a challenge. And while every doctor would say that you need relaxation now more than ever, a disturbed sleep cycle and a few disquieting body aches just seem to keep you awake.

Aside from helping a woman sleep better by providing safety and comfort, here are a few more benefits a pregnancy pillow offers.

Relief From Body Aches And Pains

A mother’s back, her hips, and legs take a tremendous beating during the 9 months of pregnancy. Those body parts, no matter how strong they may be, need to rest too and pregnancy pillows provide them with comfort to ensure proper rest.

Improves Circulation

Due to its soft cushion, a pregnancy pillow allows mommy to sleep sideways as recommended. This promotes better blood circulation and alleviates the discomfort of sleeping sideways as a result of her growing belly.

Breastfeeding Partner

A pregnancy pillow’s purpose does not end after your child is born. It can still be useful as a cushion to help keep your little bundle of joy in the right position during breastfeeding.

A well-rested mama is essential to safe pregnancy. Maternity pillows provide longer sleep hours which can be beneficial for both mommy and baby.

Why Should You Use A Pregnancy Pillow?
Why Should You Use A Pregnancy Pillow?

When Is It Ideal To Start Using Pregnancy Pillows?

Generally, regular mattresses are not designed to provide the highest comfort to pregnant women. Pregnancy pillows ensure that the mother is sleeping in the most comfortable position that doesn’t put the baby inside her in an awkward and potentially harmful environment.

While the time of when to start using a pregnancy pillow varies, an expecting mom can begin making use of it once shifting positions during sleep becomes uncomfortable. 

After a few weeks, the increase in weight and the baby bump may result in unwarranted body aches and pains. 

This may be the best time to utilize a pregnancy pillow to simply provide mommy with absolute comfort and safety.

What Makes A Pregnancy Pillow Different From A Body Pillow?

There is no question about the comfort and cushion that a regular body pillow can bring. Although they are also long and straight and undoubtedly soft, they do not have the vital curves that match the shape of a soon-to-be mom for her extreme comfort.

Pregnancy pillows provide maximum relief and convenience from backache caused by an increase in weight, keeping a pregnant woman in a great mood, which is favourable to the baby as well as the daddy.

Are Boppy Pregnancy Pillows Any Good?

The Boppy multi-functional cushion was created more than 30 years ago initially as infant support and feeding pillow. It didn’t take long for young parents, particularly the moms, to realize that not only are they perfect for propping, tummy time, and sitting support, but they can also moonlight as a pregnancy pillow offering expecting mothers exceptional safety and comfort.

This versatile pillow, regarded as the best pregnancy pillow available on Target, supports both the pregnant woman’s back and her growing belly, perfectly accommodating the doctor-prescribed method of sleeping on the side. 

Its ergonomic and compact design permits great mobility, takes up very little bed space, and allows mothers to sleep comfortably even while travelling.

It gives mothers-to-be superior protection for their heads, neck, back, hips, and more importantly, the baby bump. The Boppy is intricately designed to follow the shape of an expectant’s growing belly. It is also great as a prenatal aid as well as the woman’s postpartum recovery.

pregnancy pillow worth it
Pregnancy pillow allows mommy to sleep sideways as recommended

The Best To Give You Optimum Rest

Unfortunately, for women who love to sleep on their backs or stomachs, pregnancy means you have to sleep on your side for at least 9 months. 

An expecting mom’s growing baby bump translates to limited sleeping options and additional pressure points, making proper sleep as difficult as it is necessary.

The Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme provides mothers-to-be reliable support and coverage as it tops its predecessors as the best pregnancy pillow today. 

Available and resides on the top 10 list of both Amazon and Walmart, this pregnancy pillow hugs mom-to-be’s entire body, contours and conforms to both sides including her back and belly for maximum safety, comfort, and reliability.

This five feet long pregnancy pillow has space in the centre that outlines the female form, providing ample room for the hips and shoulders than in the waist for ultimate support. 

This five-pound double-duty pillow is highly usable even after childbirth as a bottle-feeding partner, keeping you and your baby company even until the time you’re ready for your next baby.

Known to be a pillow that takes the place of multiple pillows, its soft and snug cover fashioned out of cotton is removable and washable. This guarantees years of satisfying service for the whole family.

Pregnancy, as challenging as it is, is an exciting time for any mom-to-be. Expectant mothers need a world of energy for nine months to ensure that both she and the baby are safe and healthy. 

At such a physically delicate period, you can never downplay the importance of a good night’s sleep. Good thing pregnancy pillows provide you with it just when you need it most.