Boda Boda cyclist Police have declared a mandatory connection of private CCTV Cameras2
Police have declared a mandatory connection of private CCTV Cameras2

Police have declared a mandatory connection of private CCTV Cameras to Central system of the Uganda Police, as a way to curb crimes in the city.

Police says building owners with CCTV Cameras will be required to provide a 24-hour CCTV footage to the police.

The swift turn of the event comes after a private owned CCTV Camera filmed unknown persons killing a boda-boda rider and drove away with his motorcycle.

This murder case compelled Police to issue new directives to all building owners with CCTV Cameras to have them connected to the Central Control system of the Uganda police.

“Why we are doing this is because from the last example of that brutal murder, if the CCTV at the Nursery and Primary school was linked to the monitoring centre at old Kampala, our response should have been much faster,” Fred Enanga said.

The boda-boda cyclist was murdered on Friday night, by unknown persons in Kakeeka village Mengo in Lubaga Division, and drove away with his motorcycle.

Police says they are working hard to see that CCTV Camera coverage widens by involving private CCTV Camera owners.

“The Police is going to try as much as possible to engage those in the private sector who have private CCTV Cameras to see how we can link them to the National CCTV projector system,” Enanga added.

Two thousand five hundred and forty-six thousand CCTV Cameras have been installed in the Kampala Metropolitan area out of the planed three thousand two hundred and thirty-three cameras, which indicates 78% progress.

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But only one thousand five hundred and sixty-five cameras are active. This explains why some killings under police CCTV Camera could not be curbed using the Police camera, for instance, the Nansana murder.

“Some of these fibre cables go through private property and you find that the proprietors’ are not willing to work with the police,” Enanga stated.

Boda Boda riders said that Police is responsible for the city murders especially on them the boda-boda riders because they failed to deploy police patrols in their spots and on top of that they release suspected criminals without any charge.