40 private security firms
Police cancel licences for 40 security firms after Quality Supermarket shooting

Quality Supermarket shooting: Police cancel licences for 40 private security firms following a Quality Supermarket shooting that left Arnold Ainebyona Mugisha dead.

40 private security firms faced cancellation following recurrent crimes committed by their officers in Uganda.

Police says these 40 companies whose licences have been recalled, failed to observe the security companies operating standards.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Martin Okoth Ochola says the remaining companies are to be verified to ensure maximum security in the country.

There are 202 private security companies in Uganda today and for now, 40 have been cancelled.

Relatedly, Fred Enanga, police spokesperson says these 40 private companies failed to observe the stated statutory standards, issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“There have been cases of indiscipline, lack of customer care, poor training and poor supervision by members of PSOs (Private Security Organisations). All the PSOs will be vetted and the report sent to the IGP to take action,” Enanga.

Grace Matsiko, chairperson Uganda Private Security Association (TUPSA) says these 40 companies had issues with police, particularly gun fee payment and operating with low personnel capacity.

“These affected PSOs are working around the clock to pay the police gun rental fees and also increase their personnel capacity. We hope they will be given this year’s annual operator’s license after fulfilling the requirements,” Matsiko said.

Matsiko said PSOs have challenges that include poaching of guards by labour export companies, strict regulations as far as deployment is concerned and also high taxes charged these companies.

According to PSOs, they spend a lot of money to train a guard, at least 1.5. shillings are spent on a guard in the two-month training period. And when a guard runs away from service they register a huge loss.

Earlier on, police issued a ban on single deployment by Private Security Guards which has affected them financially, because they had already contracted single guard with their clients.

200m US Dollars (about 760bn) are contributed to Uganda’s revenue by PSOs.

This move follows last week shooting at quality shopping village, Namugongo by a private company guard that left Arnold Ainebyona Mugisha dead.

About 50,000 private guards are serving in Uganda as per the police records.

And according to Enanga, strict regulations on these private security firms are particularly meant to inspect the commission of crimes by private guards.