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Who is Sudhir Ruparelia's son: Rajiv?

Who is Rajiv Ruparelia?: Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, family, wife, tribe, net worth, businesses, properties, Ruparelia Group of Companies, work and experience, relationship with Naiya Khagram Ruparelia and children of the Managing Director of the Ruparelia Foundation.

Table of contents: Sudhir Ruparelia’s son

Rajiv Ruparelia is a Ugandan businessman, Managing Director of the Ruparelia Foundation and an Indian by decency. 

He believes that people and systems are very important in building a successful business, a focused man, fearless, generous and never gives up till he wins.

Early Life and Education

Rajiv Ruparelia was born in Uganda in January 1990 to Sudhir Ruparelia and Jyotsna Ruparelia. He has two siblings Meera and Sheena Ruparelia. 

Rajiv is the only son and last born in the Ruparelia family. He says their mother played a great role in raising them. 

According to Rajiv, their mother was so caring and loving; she dropped them to school, checked their classwork, engaged them in sports activities, organized cooking lessons for them, and arranged science experiments for them at home.

Rajiv attended the International School of Uganda (ISU), then Kabila International School a venture of the Ruparelia Group.

Later, he joined Dragon School in Oxford, Haileybury where he got suspended before attending Regent’s University. 

He joined the university in 2010 and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Business Administration majoring in financial management. 

Rajiv got suspended at Haileybury following a fight with other students because they were practising racism towards Ugandans and the black community in particular.

In his narration, Rajiv recalls his father telling them never to start a fight, but also making sure they finish the fight when it comes their way.

Sudhir son
Rajiv is the only son and lastborn of the Ruparelia family. PHOTO/COURTESY


Rajiv Ruparelia began doing business at only 17 years of age while still in school. His investment was a nightclub. 

Then in 2014, he joined their family business the Ruparelia Group where he serves as the managing director (MD) taking over from his father Dr Sudhir Ruparelia.

Ruparelia Group has a series of investments in insurance, education, media, real estate, floriculture, hotels, leisure and hospitality, MEERA Investment, Crane Management Services and resorts.

Among the investments includes Speke Hotel founded in July/August 1996, Speke Resort Munyonyo, Speke Apartments that include Bukoto Living, Speke Apartments, Tourist Hotels, Kabira Country Club, Kabila International School, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort Ltd, Delhi Public School, Kampala International School (KISU), Kampala Parents School, Rosebud Ltd, Sanyu FM an English based station, Victoria University founded in 2013, among other investments.

At Ruparelia Group, Rajiv began as a construction manager by managing labourers and materials at construction sites. 

His first project was the Kampala Parents School expansion plan and the CMI Headquarters in trade for the Shimoni land they had attained.

Later, Rajiv started engaging in the design, planning, feasibility, and implementation of full developments of projects that include hotels, schools, universities, offices, apartments, farms, shopping malls, and arcades.

Thereafter, Rajiv would then participate in setting up the management and recruiting the right team to run the ventures under his supervision. 

Finally, after going through various stages of management from ground level, Rajiv got appointed as the Managing Director, Ruparelia Group of Companies in 2017, running 28 various businesses with an excellent team on board.

Rajiv is responsible for creating business strategies and delivering strong leadership in the company. He’s also the key person as regards general welfare and fervently works towards sports promotion in Uganda.

He’s very passionate about sports activities and has much love for golf, football and rugby and he loves his country of birth Uganda that’s the reason he exerts much effort towards charity and job creation. 

Rajiv as well is so passionate about motorsport and in this, he won the Champion of the Kabalega Rally in Hoima in 2019.

In 2016 alone, Rajiv created 300 jobs within the Ruparelia Group to bridge the unemployment rate in the country.

Rajiv Ruparelia wife Naiya Khagram (1)
Rajiv and Naiya Khagram Ruparelia met at a school revision camp in London and got married in 2018. FILE PHOTO

Also, through the Ruparelia Foundation, Rajiv offered a scholarship to Fresh Kid, a child rapper at his Kampala Parents School in 2019 and Felista Da Superstar in 2020 alongside many other scholarships.

Rajiv also looks forward to growing medical cannabis in Uganda. He has a diverse interest in sport, music, farming, and labour Export Company is known as Premier Recruitment. 

He owns a music label and a recording studio named Night Shift Studios aimed at scouting for music talent across Uganda and allowing budding musicians to record songs. 


Rajiv Ruparelia is married to Naiya Khagram Ruparelia and together they have children. The two met at a revision camp at school in London and got married in 2018.