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Who is Robinah Nabbanja?

Who is Robinah Nabbanja? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, husband, children, family, tribe, work and experience, MP for Kakumiro District, political career, and education of the current Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda.

Robinah Nabbanja is a Ugandan politician, The Right Honorable Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda, an educationist, businesswoman, mother and wife. 

She’s one of the legislators in the 10th parliament who refused to use the COVID-19 funds allocated to each MP by parliament to help them manage the pandemic in their respective constituencies. 

Nabbanja instead used the money to buy motorcycles for Kakumiro District to facilitate the children’s immunization programme and she as well topped up the money. 

As an MP for Kakumiro District, Nabbanja constructed schools, three hospitals at the health centre III level. She’s applauded for her resilience, commitment and described as a strong political mobilizer, humble and hardworking woman. 

Early Life and Education

Rt. Hon Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja was born on 17 December 1969 in Sembabule District present-day Kakumiro district Bunyoro sub-region, Western Uganda, Kamusenene village, Nkooko Sub-County to John Kayiira (late) and Ms Nzeremeri Nakato. Nabbanja’s father was a farmer and a tailor.

Nabbanja is from a humble background born to a family of 11 and she’s the 7th child to both her mom and late dad. Three of her siblings died, two lost their lives during the bush war and one of her sisters died while giving birth at Mubende hospital, and she was a teacher.  

Nabbanja attended Kamusenene Primary School from p.1 to p.7 then Nankanula Secondary School in Kyankwanzi which was 7 miles away from their home, and after she joined St. Edward’s Secondary School Bukuumi from where she attained both her O & A Level certificates.

Nabbanja was quite a clever girl who obtained the first grade in her primary seven and got admitted to Trinity College Nabbingo but since her father died while in P.7, her mother opted for the nearby and cheaper school.

Nabbanja moved barefooted to attend school then in senior three her Uncle Mr Tibiwa who was a manager of Kakumiro Union bought her shoes. Her Uncle didn’t stop at buying shoes; he relocated her to a better school, St Edward’s Mukuumi after learning how clever at school she was, and in a boarding section. 

However, his Uncles shortly lost his job at Kakumiro Union in her second term of study. So Nabbanja together with her mother struggled to raise school fees, and since the school was a catholic founded school, she began working in brothers’ farms to raise school fees in addition to her farm produce.

Nabbanja had a farmyard of maize, potatoes, beans, cassava which she gave to the school in exchange for her education since coffee was at a low price at the time interrupted by the bush war until she completed her senior four and senior six education. Nabbanja performed excellently. 

The Rt. Hon PM first met the president while in senior five who had paid a visit to Kakumiro. At the time she was the head girl of St. Edward’s Secondary School Bukuumi who led the team to welcome the president. At school, she was also a netball team captain.

Also, during the bush war period, Nabbanja’s Uncle housed President Museveni in his compound under a pit where he spent a night trying to hide away from the then government soldiers who were trailing him. He feeds him on sweet bananas throughout the night.         

After senior six, Nabbanja joined National Teacher’s College (NTC) which was free of charge and after completing her studies she began teaching at Uganda Martyrs SS and Bukumiro SS.

She as well attained a diploma in Democracy and Development Studies from Uganda Martyr’s University, Mubende. 

Later, Nabbanja attained a Master of Arts in Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University still.

She has a certificate in Effective Policy Formulation & Management, from Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), a Certificate in Public Administration & Management from Uganda Management Institute (UMI), Certificate in Leadership Skills and Management from the National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi.

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In the new cabinet named on 8 June 2021, Robinah Nabbanja was named Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda cabinet, 2021-2026 replacing Rt. Hon Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

Work and Experience

Nabbanja previously served as State Minister of Health for General Duties in the Ugandan cabinet, from 14 December 2019 until 3 May 2021.

She’s the woman legislator for Kakumiro district in the 11th Parliament 2021-2026, a role she also carried in the 10th Parliament 2016-2021.

From 1993 until 1996, Nabbanja was a school teacher at Uganda Martyrs Secondary School Kakumiro. Three years into teaching, a chance came at Kibaale district looking for people who can serve as Sub-County Chiefs and that’s when she left her teaching career. Nabbanja served in that capacity for six months. 

Since Nabbanja was an active woman in church and a women activist, she was invited to serve as the Councilor at Kibaale district representing Nkooko Sub-County, from 1996 until 2001. 

She concurrently served as the Secretary for Health, Gender and Community Services for the district during that period. 

2001-2010, Nabbanja served as a Resident District Commissioner in the districts of Pallisa, Busia and Budaka. 

Nabbanja joined Uganda’s electoral politics in 2006 contesting as Kibaale District Woman legislator but lost, and then in 2011, she successfully contested for Kibaale District Woman Representative in the 9th Parliament, 2011-2016.

When Kakumiro District was created in 2016, Nabbanja contested for the Women Constituency in the new district and won the seat. She is the incumbent MP of the district.

In the cabinet reshuffle on 14th December 2019, Nabbanja was appointed State Minister of Health and General Duties, replacing Sarah Achieng Opendi who was named State Minister for Mineral Wealth. 

Following parliamentary approval, she was sworn into office on 13th January 2020.

In the new cabinet named on 8 June 2021, Robinah Nabbanja was named Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda cabinet, 2021-2026 replacing Rt. Hon Dr Ruhakana Rugunda was named to the post of envoy for Special Duties in the Office of the President of Uganda.

Earlier, before joining politics Nabbanja was engaged in business and farming in Kakumiro; she dealt in motorcycles, buying and selling farm produce together with her husband who helped her excel in business since he was a prominent businessman.     


Rt. Hon Robinah Nabbanja is married to Mr Hassan Musafiri who is the former chairman of Nkooko Sub County, Kakumiro District, the two got married in 1990 just after completing her A-Level education. Together they are parents of two girls. 

Nabbanja’s husband is the man behind her success; he financially supported his wife’s education after marrying her and encouraged her to join politics. 

Since he was a businessman as well at the time, he taught his wife how to run a business.