Who is Sandrah Kahumuza Twinoburyo
Who is Sandrah Kahumuza Twinoburyo?

Who is Sandrah Kahumuza Twinoburyo? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, husband, TV career, education and background.

Sandrah Kahumuza Twinoburyo is a Ugandan media personality, Radio and Television host, News Anchor, News Reporter and fashionista. 

Kahumuza had a passion for journalism and current events since her childhood, so she started her career by attaining a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Kahumuza is soft-spoken, calm but talkative, prayerful and a beautiful young lady. She’s a party freak, fun and outgoing person with a self-made lifestyle; however, she stands for professional journalism. 

While at Makerere University she was dubbed the hottest fashionista because of her love for fashion and money.

Early Life and Education 

Sandrah Kahumuza Twinoburyo went to Bweranyagi Girls’ SSS in Bushenyi District for her secondary education and Makerere University for her Bachelors in Journalism and Mass-Communication. 

In 2017 before she even completed her course, Kahumuza emerged the best English News Anchor in the Inter-University Media Challenge in which she won an Award, and from there she has never turned back.

sandrah kahumuza twinoburyo biography
Kahumuza is soft-spoken, calm but talkative, prayerful and a beautiful young lady.

Work and Experience

Sandrah Kahumuza’s passion, commitment and persistence to be better in her career have caused her success. She worked on Record TV as a news reporter, Radio City 97FM, and then NTV Uganda her current work station. 

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She’s a news anchor of NTV Weekend Edition and a Talk Show Host of the Talk of the Nation

Kahumuza is so thankful to her generous friends who helped her get a job at NTV thus her success. “A friend informed me of the opportunity at NTV and I quickly put together my CV and delivered it. Fortunately I had most of the attributes they were looking for”.

Ms Kahumuza says she had always been fascinated by how people would come together to listen to the news. Every activity would come to a standstill when the news came on in the evening. 

As a result, she realized how important current affairs were to the lives of people and she wanted to be that person that shared the news and that’s how she ended up in Journalism.

In her quest for global exposure and experience, Kahumuza got an opportunity to visit South Africa in 2016 where she spoke about Uganda’s political climate. She was also selected to participate in a media conference in Berlin, Germany.

“At the conference, I networked with different parts of the world and was able to learn about current best practices as well as cutting edge methods in journalism. Both opportunities have positioned be better to tackle human interest stories, which often have a lot to do with the environment. Here in Uganda we feel the impact of climate change daily. Floods, unpredictable weather or droughts are becoming the norms and I think as a journalist it’s my duty to report about that. And that’s why I am keen to be a part of the Eco Africa Team, because the show offers solutions to so many problems.” 

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Kahumuza says she wants to mentor talent in the Journalism and Communication industry. She advises young people to give everything they do their very best because everything falls in place once you don’t stop at the bare minimum and aim higher. 

Kahumuza wants to be remembered for honesty, accuracy and balanced journalism.

Sandra Kahumuza Twinoburyo is a news anchor for the Weekend Edition bulletins at NTV Uganda a brand of Nation that’s from Friday to Sunday.

sandra twinoburyo ntv
She’s a news anchor of NTV Weekend Edition and a Talk Show Host of the Talk of the Nation.

Likes and Preferences

Sandrah Kahumuza loves playing in pool water and prefers wearing body-hugging clothes that bring out her curves.

Kahumuza in her free time reads novels, watches movies, resting, visiting friends and enjoys cooking especially grilling.

Kahumuza’s love for fashion is remarkable, probably the glossy hair, strong nails and glowing skin and all add up to the elegant personality in her.


Sandrah Kahumuza Twinoburyo is single, and not dating or seeing anyone. 


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