Sheikh Muzaata Mufti Mubajje
Sheikh Muzaata: Mufti Mubajje and president Museveni are responsible for divisionism among Muslims

Sheikh Muzaata: Mufti Mubajje and president Museveni are responsible for divisionism among Muslims

Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Ramadhan Mubajje of Old Kampala based Muslims Mosque has for long called for unity and peace among Muslim fraternity in Uganda if at all they are to continue receiving blessing from God.

According to Mubajje Muslims need to work together to rescue Uganda from all human injustices prevailing.

But the controversial Sheikh, Nuhu Muzaata Batte has turned against Mubajje’s call saying it’s useless because some Muslims are full of deceit.

“Unity is not possible among Muslims more especially with people who are selling and stealing our property, those who are not ashamed of their wrongdoings, and those who have sold all the Muslims properties,” Sheikh Muzaata said.

Muzaata states that a section of Muslims who are leading this divisionism among Muslims are still in office, so it becomes hard for unity to be nurtured in Islamic religion in Uganda today.

Also, he says as Muslims they want their properties stolen by these Muslim Supreme Council leaders returned but not their positions.

He, however, said that they need change as Muslims as far as leadership is concerned in this country.

According to Sheikh Muzaata, the old leadership should be replaced by energetic, global and educated Muslims, to promote unity in the Islamic faith.

In his further remarks, Muzaata accused Mubajje and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the fountain of honour over creating disunity among Muslims in this country.

Sheikh Muzaata says Museveni engineered disunity among Muslims in this country, the time he started working with Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) leaders.

He continued to say that the extra support UMSC receives from the government is purposely to keep them in those offices.

“Do you think we can’t dislodge him from that office? We can mobilise all the Muslims in the country and get him out. But they have protection from external forces, that’s why we can’t do anything,” Muzaata stated.

In Muzaata’s point of view, President Museveni is supposed to promote unity among Muslims, but instead, he’s acting negatively, siding with few Muslims who are against unity by offering them protection.

“We just hear of President’s representatives like those of Naduli when attending the swearing-in ceremonies of regional Khadis, donating money. Meaning that he is not ready to mediate and foster unity among Muslims in the country,” said Muzaata.

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Baate is the head of Dawa in Uganda (Chief Preacher) at Kibuli based Muslims Mosque and a teacher particularly Islamic religion.