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Snapchat is a popular app for young people. FILE PHOTO

Listed below are some third-party Snapchat apps and extensions that you should avoid at all costs. They were compiled by Flash Uganda Media.

Table of contents: Snapchat Apps to avoid

Snapchat is a very popular app for younger generations. It is quite a nice and smooth app to use, so it is no secret why it is so popular. 230 million people use it daily. It also is the second most used app ever, based on mobile data usage. 

Millions of pictures and videos are sent each day, forging new memories. But as with most everything online, it comes with the risk of third party apps. Slowing your phone down, stealing data, and locking you out of your profile are some of the adverse effects of third-party Snapchat apps

According to Flash Uganda Media, this is a list of third-party Snapchat apps and extensions you should stay away from for any reason.


SnapTools-apk (1)

SnapTools is a third-party Snapchat app that seems great at first glance. But in reality, it is quite malicious. It promises to apply snap saving and lens features and more to your original Snapchat. 

In reality, it slows down your phone and steals data. Luckily it was shut down by Snap Inc., so it is tough to find it. Though the developers are still active apparently and are trying to get it going again. 

Whatever you do, do not try looking for SnapTools anymore, as it can be even more dangerous.


Sneakaboo snapchat app (1)

This third-party Snapchat app, Sneakaboo, was primarily on iOS. Similar to SnapTools it expanded the user’s tools to a greater extent, or so it claimed. 

Its layout and UI is very poorly designed for mobile use. It looks like it should be for desktop. It can send longer videos than Snapchat and has solid editing. 

From all the info available, it seems that it actually does its job, but it is still highly recommended that you do not download this third party Snapchat app. The risks can be high.


Snap chat Phantom (1)

Phantom, a third-party Snapchat extension, slows down your phone a lot. It mimics a lot of the visuals and UI of Snapchat, but it causes major malware damage over time. 

The only available place to download it is on TweakBox, a third-party app store. Its name is a reference to the logo of Snapchat, which is a ghost, so it seems even more legitimate to some people. 

But as with all Snapchat third-party apps, you should avoid this no matter what.


Snapchat SCOthman (1)

The last third party Snapchat app for this list is SCOthman. This, like other third-party Snapchat apps, promises several features. Some to note are saving snaps from friends and viewing snaps without showing up as “opened” on the other person’s end. This appeals to many. 

SCOthman is not worth downloading because it will access your profile and steal your data. And like with all the other third-party Snapchat apps, Snapchat will most likely ban you from using these extensions and apps. 

The best advice is to avoid these and simply wait for the features you want to be added in, or at least request Snap Inc. to do so.