Spice Diana Ndi Mu Mood Concert
Spice Diana gears up Ndi Mu Mood concert with a Pre Show Press Conference. File Photo

Spice Diana gears up Ndi Mu Mood concert with a Pre Show Press Conference

Female Ugandan artist Spice Diana, real names Diana Hajara Namukwaya, held a press conference ahead of her Ndi Mu Mood Concert scheduled for 17 January 2020 at Freedom City in Namasuba, with tickets for an entry fee of 10,000 UGX for the ordinary and 30,000 UGX for VIP.

Amazingly, the Ndi Mu Mood Concert press conference had a huge number of attendees who made it look like it was a mini-concert.

“We decided to do this thing differently not just a mere press conference to talk about Freedom City on 17th, but to show my appreciation to everyone in this art industry, “said Spice Diana.

The Ndi Mu Mood Concert Press Conference had approximately 40 media personalities and was a bit different from the previous press conferences, Spice Diana went on to invite her fellow artists and other stakeholders in the music industry, such as comedians, DJs, Producers and Talent Managers.

When asked why she chose January to be the best month to stage her Ndi Mu Mood Concert, Spice said that the question of when to have a concert is always between her and the management.

“I think it’s all about your plans and the management because every month is blessed. Are you aware that in every month you can organize anything basing on what you want? That’s the reason why there are events from January to December. So you can organize anything at any time and

The press conference was held at 32 Records Studio located in Makindye on Salaama Road, and music played among cheers from the guests who arrived early before Spice’s arrival.

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As a sign of unity, different songs were played not only by Spice, although she was the host of a press conference.

spice diana in concert
Ndi Mu Mood Concert press conference had a huge number of attendees

As many used to say that ahead Spice Diana’s concerts, she usually sets stunts to attract greatly the attention of her fans. But during an interview, she denied all this.

“ it’s you who make them stunt, that’s why I told you that until someone dies then you understand that something is real. But we should stop this issue of stunt, that we are locked…. But that’s normal, someone falling while walking….you can easily fall while walking. A wig can ea

Spice was a bit late and was welcomed by her fans commonly branded as Spice Diana Gadgets. Speaking at the press conference, she wished to see the big numbers at the concert as they have been.

Spice Diana thanked the media for always being on her side and that without them, she wouldn’t have been what she is today.

This will be Spice Diana’s third concert from that of 2018 which was held at Front Page Hotel in Namasuba.

Some of Spice Diana songs include Bukete, Bimpe, Anti Kale, Tokombako, I miss you, Gwe Nsonga, Tuli Kuki, Nyumirwa, Ninze, Acrobatics, Sabatula, Tekinanta, Sitoma, Omusheshe featuring Ray G, Mood, Jangu Ondabe and many more.