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How to change your MTN mobile money pin uganda

Although it seems quite difficult to understand, forgetting one’s mobile money pin is one of the most frequent problems that send individuals to a service centre.

There are numerous causes for forgetting your pin, including lack of use, the mobile money tax, losing your SIM card, misplacing your sim card, or the fact that you just can’t seem to remember it, etc.

The steps you must take to reset your mobile money pin and the list of prerequisites you must bring with you while visiting your local telecom service centre have been carefully compiled in this article.

How to get a new MTN Mobile Money pin

How to change your MTN mobile money pin reset

The procedure of resetting your MTN mobile money pin is not a straightforward one, and you must physically visit the service centre prepared to answer questions and fulfil any requirements needed given that they are the market leaders in mobile money.


  • Any kind of identification is accepted, including a national ID or passport.
  • You can walk into any MTN service centre to confirm and start the procedure.

You can also call customer service at 100 and ask to speak to an agent to have your PIN reset. They will ask you to verify your identity with your National ID number and give you a six-digit reference number to call back if the default 12345 PIN doesn’t work in 24 hours. 

How to change your MTN mobile money pin reset


Probably in time to come, MTN will come up with a simpler process to make it easier for users to reset their mobile money pins when necessary without visiting the service centre.

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They may even imitate Airtel’s strategy of setting a backup number to help you out. However for now you may have to personally visit a nearby MTN service center and request assistance.

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