Restaurants in Uganda- A harmonious blend of different cuisines

If you are in a new city and want to explore your surroundings and get to know the place, possibly its people and culture, it always helps if you have an equivalent of an almanac or a guide to navigate your way around the city and visit its various places of interest and offbeat haunts. Apart from exploring the city through its streets, places of interest and historical significance, one additional aspect that everybody in a new city would definitely require is recommendations on places to eat, restaurants, culinary establishments and the likes of hospitality enterprises serving delightful ethnic cuisine. If you are in Uganda and want to have prior knowledge on recommended places to eat and try out the culinary delights typical to Uganda, the following article lists out the 10 best Restaurants in Uganda to try out while in Uganda.

1) Nyanja Restaurant – Nyanja Restaurant is the very famous Speke Resort Munyonyo hotel establishment’s fine dining and wining wing with attractive and vibrant colours and quirky décor and furniture. Although a fine dining and wining restaurant, the Nyanja’s wide array of ethnic Africa cuisine, Continental dishes and remarkable Indian curries are surprisingly very affordably priced for a premium service enterprise. With a delightfully laidback ambience, the invitingly friendly ambience is equally matched by its impeccable attending staff. Whether you just want to chill with refreshment by the pool or you want to indulge in a four course culinary journey, the Nyanja has just what it needs to make it an experience for you to remember.


2) Café Javas – For a full-fledged restaurant with a substantial number of employees and attending staff, the Café Java is a slightly misleading name for this particular joint in Uganda that distinctly stands out amongst its peers for probably being one of the only premium prestige food chain that offers its consumers the option halal food based dishes. That apart Café Javas has a tempting range of cuisine they expertise in ranging from Caribbean, Mexican, Italian, Continental to your very own American burgers and fries.

3) The Bistro – The Bistro has been in operation since August 2012 and is a standalone landmark in the bright and vibrant upbeat Kisimenti neighbourhood of Kampala. With a sprawling patio to offer its patrons to make the most of the almost picture perfect weather of Kampala, it beautifully compliments it indoors with its cosy and cushy comfortable couches indoors inviting one to sink into its depths over a cup of hot coffee. The Bistro is perhaps an accurate representation of its name with a relaxed and eased out atmosphere and farm fresh ingredients sourced from local markets to churn up absolutely lip smacking dishes. Just perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon as well as a relaxed meeting with friends.

4) Mythos, Greek Tavern & Lodge – As the name suggests Mythos is an exquisitely designed property that is designed in vintage architecture very much complimenting the elegance of its name. It is an exclusive and premium prestige food establishment and hospitality enterprise that specialises in Greek & African cuisine. The food is like the last piece of the trinity to match the elegant name and heritage dĂ©cor of this restaurant. The food is made with such passion that it reflects in the taste and every minute attention to detail in presentation. The Greek food is really very impressive and the vast diversity of culinary delights is absolutely astounding. A must visit if you are in Kampala for an authentic experience of Greek cuisine made with special ingredients sourced from Greece itself.

5) Dasarang House – Dasarang is an interesting and unique addition to this list as well as the numerous restaurants growing everyday in Uganda. Dasarang House is a very beautiful foray into Korean cuisine and into the heart of Asia standing in the heart of central Kampala. Almost like a fairy tale experience, one tends to be transported into a different world upon entering the premises of this unique restaurant with lovely staff who always greet their patrons with a smile. The décor is sharp and yet concise and tries to keep the appearance conventional without much experimentations with design elements. Coming to the best part, the food is absolutely delightful and wonderfully relishing and reminiscent of an encounter with traditional Korean flavour.

6) Java House Jinja –The fast success and huge popularity of Java House in Kenya led to the franchise finding its way to capture the masses of Uganda with its distinct brand. In Uganda the Java House finds home in Jinja and has quickly found many patrons and received appreciation for its rich and decadent coffee which stands out with its taste. The establishment encourages a gourmet coffee culture and coffee lovers oblige with serious dedication to the speciality coffee of this particular brand.

7) The Pearl of Africa, Restaurant & Champagne Bar A rich lavish fine dining and wining experience comparable to none other as the elegant and precious name suggests, awaits every patron at the Pearl of Africa. With distinctly royal décor and a rich exclusive ambience, this experience might be slightly heavy on the pocket, but without spilling much of the surprise, an absolute unmissable affair. A feast for the sense not just the palate is what this food and hospitality franchise offers with an assurance accompanied with a live pianist blending tunes in the air.

8) Dutchess – If you suddenly acquire an unquestionable craving for authentic Italian food in Uganda, you are in for a surprise because the Dutchess is so good at what they do; it literally feels like Italy itself. With over 40 different choices of wood burnt oven baked pizzas and the delicious signature item, the crocodile burger, this is nothing short of a gastronomic adventure and not for the faint hearted.

9) Endiro Coffee – Endiro Coffee is a one of its kind open air coffee bar that also houses a covered dining space indoors. While coffee is to die for, they also stir up magical dishes in African, Continental and contemporary cuisine. Worth a visit for the free WI Fi if not for anything else.

10) King Nile Kampala – King Nile Kampala is probably the most popular restaurant within the youth and college students if the attendance is anything to go by. Really cheap prices for amazingly hot spicy food and a bottle of the iconic King Nile beer to wash it down with while meeting new people and making friends is the distinct culture of this place. With a young a vibrant crowd it draws, the food becomes even more enjoyable for the colourful and interesting people all around.

King Nile Kampala