Commonwealth Delegates visit Uganda tourism
Commonwealth Delegates break off to tour Uganda’s magnificent sceneries, Bulange and more. Photo/URN

Commonwealth Delegates break off to tour Uganda’s magnificent sceneries, Namugongo Martyrs Shrines and more

The 64th Common Wealth Parliamentary Conference that kicked off on Sunday the 22nd of September 2019 in Kampala Uganda, Munyonyo has taken off a break today.

Today the Commonwealth Delegates took off a break from the busy schedule they have dominated by a numbery of activities, to tour some historical sites that the Pearl of Africa has.

Their first tour journey was to Namugongo Martyrs Shrines in Kampala. This site has a historical significance in Uganda, particularly the Catholic and Anglican Church.

Historically over 45 Christians were burnt to death in this site, following Kabaka Mwanga’s orders who was the Kabaka of Buganda between January 31, 1885, and January 27, 1887.

The Commonwealth Delegates also visited the Kabaka’s Palace, which is located in Mengo, hosted by the Katikiiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga.

And entertained by a cultural dance group, dancing the traditional Baganda dance.

Other places that will see their visit includes; the Equator spot in Nkozi along Masaka road and also the River Nile, which is the longest river in the world, in Jinja at its source.

After they will proceed to mountain climbing at Kagulu hill in Kamuli District, Busoga region among other activities.

This break-off activity is purposely meant to market Uganda’s tourists’ potentials to these delegates who are from different destinations to enable them to sell Uganda when they return to their home countries.

And encourage their other people to come to visit Uganda and view its magnificent sceneries, hence boosting the tourism industry of Uganda.

Topics of discussion in this Common Wealth Parliamentary Conference hosted by Uganda Parliament include; democracy, climate change, human rights, women emancipation, parliamentary debate among other issues.