Tugende Mu Kikadde coronavirus
Tugende Mu Kikadde postponed over coronavirus concerns. FILE PHOTO

The organizers of this year’s Tugende Mu kikadde have postponed the event over coronavirus concerns

Tugende Mu Kikadde concert that was scheduled for 4th April has been postponed to an unknown date over coronavirus concerns that have seen the deadly virus spread to almost all Uganda’s neighbouring countries.

‘’This was a difficult yet entirely necessary decision, and we are sure you share in both our disappointment and understanding of why we had to postpone the event at such short notice,’’ read a statement from Sprout Africa management, the organizers of this year’s Tugende Mu kikadde event.

According to the management, they decided to call off the annual event because it would pose a risk to the lives of many loyal customers and performers, sponsors and the country as a whole as coronavirus continues to spread to further countries.

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By March 17th, the coronavirus cases have already been reported cases in Uganda’s closest neighbouring countries including Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Sudan. 

Meanwhile, Sprout Africa stressed that they are looking at announcing a further date to have this concert held in case the coronavirus is tackled.

Tugende Mu Kikadde coronavirus
Tugende Mu Kikadde postponed over coronavirus concerns. FILE PHOTO

About Tugende Mu Kikadde event 

This year’s Tugende Mu Kikadde concert had been scheduled on 4th April at the Kampala Serena Hotel. The event is held every year to flashback to the good old times of Ugandan band music. 

Unlike in the past years, this year’s concert was to be headlined by Uganda’s elite talents that have become rare gems on the stage.

It was expected to be a sheer fun night not only for the old people but also for the young generation taking a glance at their parents pulling up their best and old age strokes.

The event was also set to be a red carpet affair with all revellers introduced to A VIP experience was expected to feature legendary musicians from the older generations including Kabuye Semboga, Mariam Ndagire, Raga Dee, Sweet Kid, Phoebe Nasoolo, Fred Sebaale and Sarah Zawedde.

Being a legendary celebrating platform, this year’s Tugende Mu Kikadde 2020 was also aimed at paying a tribute to the late ‘Elly Wamala’ who passed on in 2004 – one of Uganda’s ever biggest music icons.

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He’s role in the music industry during the 1950s and 60s was unquestionable. 

Besides his songs that left many pouring tears and others mesmerized, he inspired many others in the music industry. Sixteen years since his passing, he remains alive in many people’s hearts who on a daily during their free time play and listen to his great lyrical music.

As a way of remembering the fallen hero’s life, legacy, times and timeless music, each of the invited artists will be required to perform at least one song from the late Wamala’s album – over eight of most popular vibes.