64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference
Speaker Kadaga: Uganda ready to kick start the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. File Photo

The Commissioners of Parliament have confirmed arrival of some foreign delegates to the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference scheduled for next week in Kampala Uganda, hosted by the Uganda Parliament.

Robinah Nabanja and Francis Mwijukye, Commissioners of Parliament said over 24 Parliamentary Speakers and 900 delegates confirmed attendance to the conference.

Organisers engaged in the event are finalising their activities that will see the conference turn out a success.

And some delegates were already at Parliament making consultations with the organisers.

Francis Mwijukye explaining how prepared Uganda Parliament is in organising the long awaited 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, said that they are more than ready, right from staff to security.

“The involvement of almost everybody, the members of Parliament, the staff, security departments, I believe we are ready, because this is an important conference,” Mwijukye said.

“We are currently at final touches! I can proudly say we are ready. Because we are currently having everything that requires this conference take off,” Nabanja said.

The number that has confirmed is more than 500, but also we expect to go to 1,000 delegates because of say, for example, the Speakers they come with helpers and some of them will be in the conference.

So far the number of Speakers that have confirmed that they are coming are more than 20 and we expect more to come.

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However, the commissioners of Parliament say Uganda’s tourism industry will surely benefit out of this conference because these delegates during their stay in Uganda will want to visit some of Uganda’s tourists’ sites.

“The delegates will be here for some time, that’s from 22nd to 29th they will be moving around, some of them will want to go and see the Equator, other will want to go and see the Source of the Nile. So, they will see what we have and it’s like they will be giving in something for us to boast the tourism industry,” Mwijukye said.

“This is going to mean a lot in terms of business for the country, tourism for the country, their diplomatic profile and ability to engage in negotiations and international level since we shall be sitting at the helm of the association,” Nabanja said.

Nevertheless, Dokolo North legislator, Paul Amoru said the Common Wealth Parliament Conference is a great chance for Uganda to market its abilities in terms of development.

This is the time Uganda we going to showcase our ability, how far we have gone in terms of development. People are now going to get to know who we are in terms of development.

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The conference will discuss democracy, human rights, women emancipation, climate change and improvement of Parliamentary debate among other issues from the 22nd of Sept until 29th of Sept 2019.