Minister Nantaba fled the country
Government rejects report that Minister Nantaba fled the country and currently seeking asylum in Canada. File photo

Government of Uganda rejects report that Minister Nantaba fled the country and currently seeking asylum in Canada

Government has been tasked by members of parliament to produce State Minister for ICT and the National Guidance also the Kayunga Woman Member of Parliament, Idah Nantaba dead or alive.

This happened in the Thursday Plenary sitting were Members of Parliament tasked government to avail Minister Nantaba after reports that she could have fled the country and currently seeking asylum in Canada.

“She could not move outside her home! How come now that she’s in Canada? How did she reach there, where did she pass?” Roland Kaginda, Rukungiri Municipality legislator said.

Nevertheless, Asuman Basalirwa, Member of Parliament Bugiri Municipality asked the government to come out clearly to explain to Ugandans the Issues surrounding her case, her security and her safety.

But Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda dismissed the reports saying Nantaba is abroad officially and on government permission.

“I did authorise Hon Nantaba on her request to go for work outside the country, and she should be coming as scheduled,” PM Rugunda said.

Minister Nantaba has not been seen in public ever since Robert Ssebulime, her alleged assassinator was killed by a Police Officer along Mukono-Kayunga road in March this year.

Ssebulime’s death comes after Nantaba reported to police that she was being trailed by an unknown person on a motorbike with clear intentions of ending her life.

But later on, it was discovered that Ssebulime who was a single father of four was unarmed as the minister had told the police. He had lost his way to his children school and was probably trying to trace his way to the school. 

And in this way, he was murdered in cold blood. Through their lawyer, Nkunyingi Muwadda, Ssebulime’s family led by his sister Nakayita, accused Minister Nantaba of providing false information to police that eventually caused Ssebulime’s death at Mukono Magistrates Court, including failing to respond to police summons to record a statement.

But according to Minister Nantaba, she was ordered not to step out of her residence by President Museveni for security purposes.

However, in a thanksgiving service organised by Nantaba at her House in Ndeeba Village, Kayunga District, she insisted that Ssebulime had come to kill her and accused top government officers of being behind the assassination attempts targeted towards her life.

She said she had escaped various assassination attempts targeting her life under these officials’ commands.

Nantaba also said that it’s shocking to see that the individuals who commanded the shooting of Ronald Ssebulime, who was suspected to be after her life has never been prosecuted.

“I know Ssebulime had come to kill me and I insist on that. Kirumira and many others said they would be killed but it all came to pass without anyone caring,” Nantaba revealed.

Nevertheless, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said that Nantaba’s allegations regarding the killing of Ronald Ssebulime, her suspected assassins was very lousy and unreliable information.