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Uganda to Market its Tourism at AFCON 2019 in Egypt
UTB delegation at AFCON 2019 in Egypt

Ministry of Tourism and Uganda Tourism Board to market Uganda’s tourism activities at AFCON 2019 in Egypt

Uganda Cranes won Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the African Cup of Nations ( AFCON 2019) on Saturday 22 June 2019, raising them to the top in group A games.

The game score was 2:0, however, this cheered up the Ministry of Tourism and Uganda Tourism Board activities of promoting and marketing Uganda in AFCON 2019 tournament.

Officials from the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities (MTWA), Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and other officials went to Egypt to promote Uganda’s tourism activities.

These officials led by Godfrey Kiwanda went to Cairo Egypt’s capital to market Uganda as well as cheer up Uganda Cranes.

Kiwanda says AFCON tournament is a great opportunity for Uganda to promote and market it’s tourism attractions because many people from different destinations around the world have gathered to watch the tournament.

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“Egypt is a well-known world over for the pyramids and the River Nile. As the country that has the source of the Nile, we feel that this is a great opportunity to market the source of this river as well as our tourism potential to the rest of the world while utilising this sports platform,”

Kiwanda stated.

Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) signed an agreement of shs200m with Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) to officially sponsor the Cranes.

However, the signed agreement between the two parties will enable them to promote Uganda’s tourism attractions both at home and elsewhere in the world.

Also in this partnership, UTB will be in a position to include Uganda at all games played by the Uganda Cranes both at home and away, as a way of marketing the country’s tourism activities.

UTB CEO, Lilly Ajarova, said that they will set up a Uganda tent in Egypt fully displayed with Uganda’s tourist’s package as well as educating people there more about Uganda as a nation.

“We have invited dignitaries from all the AFCON 2019 participating nations and we shall treat them to the Ugandans experience. We have also planned an open day where everyone will be invited to try out the Ugandan cuisine, learn the Ugandan culture as well as experience Ugandans hospitality,”

Ajarova said.

In addition, Ajarova said that as UTB they want to market Uganda to all countries that Uganda Cranes plays with.

“Football is the world’s greatest sport viewed by billions of fans across the globe. In Uganda, the Cranes is the greatest football brand- but more importantly the leading sporting ambassadors to the region and the world. We want to open up Brand Uganda to the massive sports audience where our national team participates,”

Ajarova explained further.