Ms Banks Snap off party Kampala
UK Based rapper MS Banks Gives Kampala Party Goers A Dose Of Fun at Singleton’s Snap-off party at Club Guvnor. Photo/Twitter

UK Based rapper MS Banks puts up a magical performance at club Guvnor’s Snap off party 

This year’s Snap off party was a full capacity when UK’s female rapper and Brit Awards performer Thyra Banks commonly known by her stage name Ms Banks graced this last edition at Club Guvnor in Kampala.

Ms Banks who was smartly dressed in a white dress like an angel stepped feet on stage and sung a list of his hit tracks starting from No Wahala, Phoney, Wifey Things, and Snacks featuring Kida Kuz and Back it up as the most loved track by her fans last night.

“Tonight we created memories, the turn up was amazing, Ms Banks made the last Snap off edition of this year remarkable,” said Annette Nakiyaga, Head of Luxury Portfolio, and UBL.

While performing back it up, a song pointed as most favourite by the crowd, Ms Banks proved how she can sing at those higher tones and also exercised most of her dancing styles that excited everyone to the extent that some fans ran crazy.

rapper ms banks at guvnor

Many fans too showed this British female rapper Ms Banks how they mastered her songs and how they could sing them from the first word to the last even though not with the recorded version. 

Due to the flow of the music, many were forced to fill the floor with all the kinds of dancing skills that kept the whole house in happiness. Ms Banks magical performance last night made this year’s Snap off party the best in all the other editions we have had.

As Ms Banks continued to entertain the fans with her coolest hit songs, Kampala’s best DJs like Selector Jay, DJ Bryan, DJ Dash and DJ Simple too maintained the feel as they played hit after hit.

rapper ms banks at guvnor

Previously, Ms Banks had promised her fans to have a super performance and honestly this came to pass because the fans were not disappointed, she did as she said. Is last night’s performance enough to prove that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are her fans, as she says?

But still, this drives us back to a praising statement that she made while hosted on one local media station when she was put on the test to choose between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, who does it best for her?.

She answered excitedly.

“Of course, I will not hesitate to say this out that Nicki Minaj is a legend. I accept that, “says Ms Banks during an interview on a local media station.