UPDF Police task force Coronavirus
UPDF, Police form a joint task force to enforce Museveni directives on Coronavirus. FILE PHOTO

A joint security Inter-Sectorial task force led by UPDF and Police has been formed to enforce coronavirus directives and guidelines

A joint task force led by UPDF and Police has been formed to support efforts by the Ministry of Health in combating the spread of COVID-19 disease in Uganda by ensuring strict adherence to the MoH and presidential guidelines already in place.

The joint force Inter-Sectorial task force combines the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), Police, Prisons, National Joint Intelligent, Immigrations and Customs, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), UMEME and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

The force will be headed by Lt. Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, the Deputy Chief of Defense Forces and the Inspector General of the UPDF.

Addressing the press, Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga said that the task force will further monitor the Security situation to avert possible opportunistic criminal cases and ensure uninterrupted provision of vital services in the country.

The task force has already done great work after arresting many school teachers, pastors who had defied the presidential directives of closing school and churches. According to Enanga, the culprits will be prosecuted.

“The UPDF and the Uganda Police Force are attaching 240 medical personnel to support the ministry of health. They are already deployed at Entebbe International Airport and Mulago Hospital,” Enanga said.

Enanga says that efforts have been directed at the Airport since most of the cases are imported from other countries, and even after the closure of borders and suspension of flights, they are still in Entebbe because many people are still quarantined in nearby Hotels.

UPDF Police task force Coronavirus
UPDF, Police form a joint task force to enforce Museveni directives on Coronavirus. FILE PHOTO

Further, Enanga said efforts have also been directed towards minimizing congestion in prisons with extra caution being addressed to new entrants who could spread the virus.

“Our emphasis is still on those capital cases which have an impact on public safety. Issues of terror, issues to do with the murder, capital cases of defilement and rape,” Enanga said.

Relatedly, a section of legislators is concerned with the continued presence of social gatherings in village trading centres where some still engage in playing local games like ludo, Omweso, football among other social activities during this time of the coronavirus pandemic even after the ban.

Legislators are now calling on security forces to deploy forces countryside to stop the practice and ensure that every person follows the stated guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“You pass a gathering they are seated there, standing there, something small happens they all gather as if they have not had the announcement. It’s disappointing that villages have not taken up these precautions,” Maurice Kibalya, MP Bugabula South said.

“I saw people playing Ludo, how do you gather at Ludo, begin playing the whole day? You are there and the government is this other side saying this, leaders are the other side saying this. I think it’s our role as leaders from chairperson LC 1, LC.11, Sub-country, District, MPs and everybody, let us not leave this to the president alone, let us not leave this to the Minister alone, it’s our responsibility as leaders to make sure these people follow these regulations to the dot,” Kibalya said.

The legislators were also concerned about the restriction against people living on the Islands where no one is allowed to leave One Island to the other to look for food.

In their view the lockup is likely to bring hunger to the people, saying they should be screened before accessing other areas.

“Because automatically that’s going to put the lives of people at stake, people will die of hunger. So, I think what government should do is to make sure that the screening services are on way such that people are screened so that they can buy some things and take for their friends who are there,” Ouma Geoffrey MP Bukooli Island County said.

The affected Islands include; Dolwe, Kaza, Sagitu, Jaguzi, Serinyabi among others.