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Planks are one of the easiest ways to warm up the upper body, and there are many variations, as well as arm circles, hip rotations, and arm stretches. 

There are many different ways to warm up the upper body, but you can’t go wrong with Planks. There are several variations of the plank, as well as arm circles, hip rotation, and Arm stretch. 

The key is to perform ten reps of each exercise on each side. A few variations of the plank are described below. If you’re looking for a warmup that is more effective, try these other exercises!


In addition to traditional planks, plank variations can help you build strength and core stability. These exercises can be modified to suit beginners’ needs. 

Practice holding the plank with your hands at your sides and toes under your shoulders, lifting your knees off the floor, or performing a tabletop version. 

For added core strength, you can also try a variation with your knees bent and tucked under.

Bear plank to thoracic rotation: Performing a bear plank to thoracic rotation is the perfect upper-body warm-up. 

This exercise engages your back and core muscles and can be done anytime, even when you’re sitting at your desk or getting out of bed. 

Bear plank to thoracic rotations also target your abs, strengthen your back muscles, and help you reach your arms overhead.

For beginners, try doing a plank on your knees. As you become more confident, you can move onto your forearms. The key is to maintain your posture and keep your core muscles tight to avoid straining your neck. 

The goal is to be able to hold the position for at least a minute. Regardless of your level of fitness, planks are an excellent warm-up exercise.

Whether you do a workout routine or just want to get the blood flowing, it is important to warm up the upper body to prevent injuries. 

Planks are an excellent upper-body warm-up and can help you perform better when you’re training. For optimal results, make sure to incorporate these exercises into your workout routine. 

And remember, they don’t have to be long. Try three to five dynamic warm-up exercises that target the specific muscle groups you’re targeting. 

You can also incorporate some cardio into your warm-up, if you want to focus on the upper body.

Aside from preventing injuries, a warm-up exercise will improve your range of motion and increase your flexibility. A simple walk is also helpful in the warm-up process. 

Just remember that your body gets used to repetitive movements over time, so it’s important to warm up properly before you train. 

The longer you spend in one position, the more likely your body will adapt, making these exercises unproductive.

Arm circle

An arm circle is a popular upper body warm-up exercise. Performing it will force your muscles to contract and relax, which will ultimately help improve muscle tone. 

With regular practice, arm circles will build muscle and improve your daily movements, too. Arm circles are also beneficial before a workout because they can help you burn more calories during a workout. 

You can start with small circles and work your way up to larger ones. During your warm-up session, make sure to keep your breathing normal.

To warm up the upper body muscles, you can perform an arm circle with a resistance band. This exercise will strengthen your shoulder muscles and extend the range of motion. 

You will want to hold the band at hip level and face away from the anchor point. 

Grab a band with both hands and step forward slightly, creating slight tension between your hands. Then, slowly rotate your arms in a circular pattern, like an arm circle.

Start with a small arm circle and work your way up to a full range of motion. Once your shoulders are loose and your blood flow increases, repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. 

To keep the exercise challenging, you can do it with a core brace. 

Alternate small circles with larger ones until your arms feel loose. To improve your form, perform the exercise at different speeds. And don’t forget to breathe smoothly throughout the entire routine.

Warming up with the right kind of exercise is essential to getting the most out of your workout. A warm-up exercise helps you avoid injuries and maximize your flexibility. 

Using the arms and shoulder circles in your warm-up routine is beneficial for anyone, whether you’re an athlete or a desk-bound employee. 

If you want to achieve optimal results, you’ll need to stretch these muscles properly before your workout. This will prepare your arms and shoulders for your workout.

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Hip rotation

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that allows your leg to rotate both inward and outward. Hip external rotation occurs when the leg moves away from your body. 

When you throw a baseball, your hip external rotators are engaged while you stabilize on one leg and move your torso. 

In addition, performing the proper movements of this joint will increase your strength, flexibility, and coordination. Listed below are some exercises for hip external rotators.

To improve hip external rotator flexibility, begin by bending your knees to a 45-degree angle and putting your right hand on your right hip. 

Engage your abdominals and stretch your hip external rotator. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side. Continue this stretch for several repetitions. 

Hip external rotators are important to the stability of the lower body and can prevent injuries. The exercises that involve hip external rotators are also great for loosening up the lower back and knees.

simple sit-up is another effective warm-up for the hips. To perform this exercise, you need to keep your chest up while leaning forward. 

Make sure to hold this position for several seconds. Repeat ten to twenty times. To make this exercise more challenging, you can do a standing version by bending both knees and placing your feet flat on the floor. 

Be sure to hold the stretch within the range of motion and pause for a few seconds.

A dynamic warm-up is vital for any exercise program. The right warm-up will increase range of motion and promote greater strengthening benefits. 

The best warm-up routine also challenges your heart rate and activates the muscles in your back and core. It will also prevent any potential injuries from arising from lack of coordination. 

You’ll be able to focus more effectively on the tasks you’re trying to complete. This is a very effective warm-up that will prepare you for the intensity and mental toughness of training.

Arm stretch

A common warm up exercise that involves stretching the arms is called an arm stretch. 

Arm stretches are crucial before a workout, because they increase range of motion and core body temperature. Not only does this type of stretch feel great, it also prevents injury. 

Here are a few of the best ways to stretch the arms during your upper body warm up:

The king of all upper body stretches is the chest opener. This ground-based movement opens up the chest and thoracic spine. 

To do this stretch, stand with one foot on the floor and place the other arm over your chest. Press the palms of your hands together and rotate the arm in a circular motion. 

The pinned knee provides leverage and allows for the internal rotation of the humerus. You should aim to bring your palms together as much as possible.

A biceps stretch can be performed while standing or sitting. Hold the band above the head and bend the elbow. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat. 

The biceps muscle is located on the elbow. It is designed to flex only one way, so most people have trouble fully extending their elbows. This means that most stretches rely on flexibility. 

However, if you have good flexibility, you can perform these exercises to strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles.

Another excellent arm stretch to do before a workout is the arm circle. The arm circle strengthens the muscles and improves shoulder function. 

Start by standing shoulder-width apart, and slowly increase the size of your arm circle. Gradually increase the number of reps until your arms are stretched all the way. Then, start moving your arms with small circular motions. 

The arm circle should gradually increase until you can feel a stretch in your biceps. An underutilized upper body warm up exercise is the resistance band pull-apart. This exercise not only works your arms, but also your chest and back.

An arm stretch can also be performed at home and is ideal for a warm up routine. It stretches the chest, shoulders, back, and even the core. 

During the warmup, you should keep your knees soft and your toes pointed forward. The arms stretch should take about 30 seconds. 

Chillout recommends doing it every day, but if you don’t have time, try doing a warm up exercise that doesn’t involve stretching your chest muscles before a workout.