John Blaq 10-year travel ban
US reportedly impose a 10-year travel ban on John Blaq for hiding rightful intentions in Visa application. File Photo

The US reportedly impose a 10-year travel ban on John Blaq for hiding rightful intentions in Visa application

Ugandan hip hop and afro-beat singer John Blaq (born John Kasada), his hopes of travelling to the United States may be limited after a 10-year travel ban for reasons based on his travel intentions in his Visa application.

The ‘Tukwatagane’ hitmaker was contacted by the U.S based Ugandan promoter identified as Baker who informed him about the three gigs in Chicago.

According to him, John Blaq welcomed this offer to perform for $1,500 worth of shs5.5 m, which was meant for every single show.

“I had arranged three shows for him and he agreed to take $1500 for each show. Air ticket and accommodation were all on me,” Baker stated.

Like someone with a golden heart, Baker wished John Blaq well, so that after the agreement and Baker was an American citizen, he used his documents to help John Blaq obtain a 2-year visitor’s visa.

“I (Baker) lied to the embassy that John Blaq was coming for a visit,” he confessed.

But to his dismay, this U.S – based promoter from Uganda, Baker, said after the ‘ Makanika ‘ singer got the Visa, he stabbed him on the back as he shamelessly told him how he had gotten a better performance deal in the United States.

“I first thought John Blaq was joking about how he had got a better offer until I came across people advertising a different show of him in the U.S,” said Baker

US John Blaq 10-year travel ban comedy store
John Blaq welcomed this offer to perform for $1,500/ show

On that basis, after learning that Kasada aka John Blaq had mercilessly turned his back on him, Baker had no choice but to serve as a whistleblower so that his other plans to succeed elsewhere would also be destroyed.

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Baker also acted immediately, therefore, by alerting the embassy the real intentions of John Blaq that were not in the Visa application.

“I called at the embassy and informed them how John Blaq was not coming for a visit but rather a show,” Baker disclosed.

Accordingly, on the basis of the information that the embassy received by telephone, John Blaq was penalized by cancelling his Visa and also given a 10-year travel ban in the United States.

Although this U.S .- based, Baker, came out and said it all, John Blaq has not yet offered his side on this matter whether the allegations are true or false.

John Blaq is a new kid on the dancehall music block, and his catchy beats and unique vocals have made him famous, especially among young people. Quick talk owed it to his already numerous fans to look for him.

We shall keep you posted