who is Weasel Manizo
Who is Weasel Manizo?

Who is Weasel Manizo? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, Age, music, wife, family, songs, early life and education of Douglas Mayanja.

Weasel Manizo is a Ugandan reggae raga and dancehall artist who made a name under the famous Goodlyf crew with his singing partner the late Mowzey Radio who passed on in 2018. 

Before the joining the crew he was under his brother’s Leone island group where he started his career and he was known for his hit single called Bombo clat which he released in 2005 featuring his brother Chameleone

It’s in this group where he teamed up with his singing partner Radio and there long time manager Jeff who was managing their boss chameleon at the time. 

Weasel is known for his hit singles such as Nakudata, Zuena, lwaki onumya and many more.

Early life and education 

Weasel Manizo real name Douglas Mayanja was born in 1985 and he is one of the seven children that were born from the family of Mr Gerald Mayanja and Mrs Mayanja. 

Most of his siblings are musicians including Pallaso, Chameleone and the late AK47. Weasel attended Happy hours nursery and primary school and he was very brilliant which made him top the class through. 

Weasel was very quiet and up to now, people say he doesn’t talk a lot. After his primary, he joined st Balikudembe ss, Mitala Maria where he studied up to senior 4 but refused to continue his journey after seeing chameleon‘s success. 

His brother says they advised him to pursue education alongside music and gave him money for adult education but weasel only studied for three weeks and told his family on how he was going to attend a musician’s conventions in America. 

On his return weasel refused to go back to school and decided to start a career in music.

Music career

Weasel says he never thought that he would sing but he derived his inspiration from his brother chameleon. He started as an independent artist and released solo projects under the auspices of his elder brother’s records but it was a collaboration with Chameleone on Bombo clat. 

While at Leone Island he connected with a talented young boy called Moses Nakintijje alias Mowzey Radio who became his close friend and later turned out to be the dynamic duo in the country. 

They became back up artists of Chameleon and one of their best performances was the 2008 big brother final in South Africa.

In late 2007 weasel and Radio released their first singles which included Ngamba and Nakudata but Nakudata was a banger and was their breakthrough hit and took them places.

Weasel Manizo biogfraphy mowzey radio
He made a name under the famous Goodlyf crew with his singing partner the late Mowzey Radio.

The Goodlyf crew 

On releasing Nakudata they fell out with their boss chameleon and ended up quitting the group with the then chameleon‘s manager Jeff Kiwa. 

They started their group called Goodlyf crew that was based in Nyanama and to spice up their location they called it Nyanama 13. 

Radio was known for his soft silk voice and his romantic lyrics that could make the world go crazy while Weasel was known for his rough raga dancehall lyrics that brought life and vibe in their music.  

In 2008 his colleague was involved in a brawl with Bebe cool and the duo ended up releasing a song called zuena which was an attack on Bebe cool. Weasel wrote a song called Nakutamani after the public complained that he doesn’t write but it’s only Radio his partner that writes.

In mid-2008 the duo collaborated with artists such as Rachel Kay, Blue 3, OS, Allan Toniks, GNL, and General Ozzy. They performed and collaborated with artists like Keko and scooped an MTV award in 2010. 

They also teamed up with a South African artist known as PJ Powers on a RMX of home Africa that was originally done in the early 1990s. 

Weasel and Radio was the first Ugandan duo to be nominated in the BET awards although they didn’t win the award this also opened doors for Ugandan artists like Eddy Kenzo who later won the award.  

After a while, they shifted from Nyanama to Makindye which was there new residence and they code-named it Makindye Neverland. 

At the peak of their music journey Radio and weasel separated with their manager Jeff Kiwa after claims rose that he was cheating them financially but critics say this was blander that led to their downfall.  

This duo gave life to the career of pallaso who was stuck in the states but teamed with him on a track called Amaaso that brought back life to his career. 

In February 2018 Weasel’s career came to a standstill after his singing partner Radio was hit in a bar and died hospital. Up to now, Weasel has never recovered from that trauma and he is still struggling musically. 

Close friends to Weasel say he resorted to drugs as a way of recovering from depression but it’s pushing his career more down to the gutters.

The Goodlyf crew members 

During their time at the group Radio and Weasel were the lead performers but the group had members like Chagga, Gift ov Kaddo, Diamond Oscar and many more.


  • Hipipo awards, best duo/group, the song of the year, an album of the year, the song of the year 2015
  • Hipipo music awards, best group /artist, an album of the year, 2014
  • Pearl of Africa music awards, the song of the year, best afrobeat, 2008, best new artist 
  • Tanzania music awards – Best east African song, bread and butter/ where you are, 2010
  • Best east African song, heart attack, 2011
  • Channel o awards, most gifted African east video, 2011
  • Buzz tenniez awards 
  • Hottest group /duo, 2010, 2011
  • Hottest collabo, 2011


  • Tanzania music awards, best east African song, 2010
  • MTV Africa Music awards, best group 
  • Tanzania music awards, best east African song, 2011
  • BET Awards, best international act, 2013
  • MTV music awards, best collaboration, 2014


  • Mwana wabandi, 2016
  • Neera and the best of radio and weasel, 2015
  • Amaaso ntunga, 2014
  • Obudde, 2015
  • Fantastic, 2014
  • Tonjagala, 2012
  • Talk and talk, 2011
  • Ngenda maaso, 2010
  • Bread and butter, 2009
  • Nyambura, 2008

Weasel Manizo Songs 

  • Nakudata
  • Ngamba
  • Lwaki onumya
  • nyambura 
  • Dagala
  • Single and searching 
  • Tonjagala 
  • Talk and talk 
  • Fantastic 
  • Zuena 
  • Juice 
  • Neera
  • Mwana wabandi 
  • Egule
  • Zino enaku
  • Ngenda maaso 
  • Ability 
  • Bread and butter
Weasel Manizo wife Talia Kassim Mayanja
He is currently in a relationship with Talia Kassim Mayanja, the two have a baby boy named AK47.

Personal life 

Weasel manizo is currently in a relationship with Talia Kassim Mayanja, the two have a baby boy named AK47 but before he was in a relationship with Shamira who was the girlfriend of his late brother AK47. 

It’s not clear how many children have but he has a lot of children.


After breaking through the industry in 2008 a beef developed between Bebe cool and Radio and Weasel over Zuena who was Bebecool‘s wife. 

At the climax of their beef a concert was organized which was titled battle of champions at Kyadondo grounds. The later settled their differences after the beef.

In March 2011 a dispute rose between radio /weasel and Kenzo. This came from the song mundeke ndumbe. The Good Lyfe crew claimed that Eddy Kenzo had copied the concept of their talk and talk video.

Weasel was accused of being violent and at one time a lady came out saying she had been beaten by weasel manizo.