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make vegetable noodle soup

A satisfying one-pot dinner that is bursting with vegetables and flavor is vegetable noodle soup. In addition, it’s easy to prepare, making it perfect for chilly winter nights!

Vegetable noodle soup is a hearty and comforting one-pot meal packed with veggies and flavor. Plus, it’s simple to make – ideal for those cold winter nights!

This recipe requires just canned vegetables, broth and pasta noodles! It’s an incredibly quick and nutritious dinner that takes only 30 minutes to prepare!

What is Vegetable Noodle Soup?

vegetable noodle soup healthy

Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth is the foundation of many soups. It’s an economical and straightforward way to add flavor and body to your recipes.

You can either use store-bought vegetable broth, or make your own using ingredients from your kitchen. This recipe uses carrots, celery, onions and garlic to create a deeply flavored broth that can be used in many recipes.

Broth can be kept in the refrigerator for three to four days, or frozen. Transfer it into freezer-safe containers such as wide-mouth glass jars, durable BPA-free quart freezer containers or pint freezer containers and fill each one until its labeled fill line – usually an inch below the top – has been reached.

Vegetable noodle soup is a satisfying meal that will warm you up on cold days. Not only that, but it has anti-inflammatory properties as well, helping boost your immunity to fight off illness. Pair this comforting meal with fresh bread for an added bonus – serve and enjoy!


Vegetables are the main component of vegetable noodle soup and they add a rich, satisfying flavor. You can incorporate various veggies into this nutritious dish, such as mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, green beans or snap beans for an added twist.

Vegetarian noodle soup is the ideal comforting meal to warm you up on cold days. Not only is it vegan and filling, but it comes together quickly too – no time-consuming preparation required!

Vegetarians will appreciate this meal as it provides their daily recommended serving of veggies. Plus, it makes for an ideal meal for kids as well.

This creamy vegetable noodle soup gets its silky smooth consistency from non-dairy milk and some flour. It’s a delicious, satisfying meal that your whole family is sure to love.


Vegetable noodle soup is a convenient one-pot meal that’s loaded with vegetables and tender pasta. Made with an aromatic stewed tomato beef broth base, simple canned veggies, and egg noodles — you’ll be done in 30 minutes!

This meal is so comforting, nutritious, and delicious – making it the ideal choice for those hectic nights when you need a quick yet filling dinner!

This simple vegetable noodle soup is packed with carrots, potatoes and onions in a flavorful blend of spices. It’s sure to become everyone’s go-to dish!

This gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free noodle soup can be made with any variety of noodles – wheat flour or rice included!


Vegetable noodle soup can be enhanced with a variety of spices. Some add heat, while others bring out the natural flavor of vegetables.

Parsley is an essential spice that can be used in nearly any soup recipe. Not only does it add vibrant color and flavor, but its measurement is also very straightforward: simply sprinkle some parsley into your recipe for optimal flavor!

Another popular herb is rosemary. This herb can be used either dried or fresh and is often included in classic soup recipes.

If you prefer a subtler flavor, use fresh rosemary instead of dried.

Vegetable noodle potlucks can also benefit from other spices like mustard, paprika, allspice, clovesginger and cinnamon.

What Makes Vegetable Soup Taste Better?

vegetable noodle soup

To make vegetable soup taste better, there are several techniques that can be used to enhance the flavor. Adding a splash of vinegar or citrus can add brightness and acidity to the soup. Roasting vegetables before adding them to the soup can give them a char and concentrated flavor. 

Adding tomato paste can add both deep flavor and sweetness. To boost the umami of vegetable broth, adding fresh herbs such as parsley, cilantro, tarragon, sage, or thyme can do wonders for boxed broth. Using veggie broth instead of water can also take the flavor up a notch. 

Finally, adding a whole garlic clove to the soup and letting it cook for 8 hours will add more flavor than using canned chopped garlic, and don’t forget to add some black pepper for extra flavor.

Is Noodles Soup Healthy?

chicken vegetable noodle soup recipe

Chicken noodle soup can be a nutritious and comforting meal, depending on the ingredients used. It is packed with a range of macro- and micronutrients, including protein, fiber, B vitamins, vitamin C, amino acids, and more. 

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients are also found in it. Chicken noodle soup may be particularly beneficial when you’re sick due to its combination of hydration and nutrients.

However, it is important to be mindful of the ingredients used in chicken noodle soup. Misleading labels, high amounts of sodium, and unnecessary ingredients can make chicken noodle soup unhealthy

Additionally, white pasta is often used instead of whole grain or whole wheat noodles, which reduces the nutritional value. Eating chicken noodle soup at restaurants should also be done with caution as it can contain high levels of salt.

Overall, chicken noodle soup can be a healthy meal if made with nutritious ingredients such as homemade bone broth, free-range chicken and whole-grain noodles, as well as vegetables for added fiber, vitamins and minerals.