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whatsapp updates for 2022
As WhatsApp continues to add new features and updates in 2022, it has been improving the user interface to deliver the best possible experience.

Throughout 2022, WhatsApp is continually adding new features and updates in order to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. It has updated its user interface to create the best experience possible. 

Multiple modifications have been made to the platform to facilitate communication on a worldwide basis. The Group Chat feature of WhatsApp has a lot of benefits

For example, you can join a group by clicking on a link, which lets you join right away and without any work.

Using a URL that may be shared to invite or join a group has its own privacy and security risks. Although the link is modifiable, it could get into the wrong hands, exposing you to security dangers. 

The Meta-owned platform will introduce a new feature termed ‘Admin Approval’ to address this issue, preserve the flexibility of the shareable link capability for joining WhatsApp groups, and remove the security warning.

The new functionality will provide group administrators with greater control over who may join the group. 

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When activated, the new feature in the future version of WhatsApp will enable group managers to accept or reject requests from individuals who desire to join the group chat via a link. 

To offer an additional layer of protection, you will have to manually turn on the “Admin Approval” feature once it is added to WhatsApp.

Earlier app updates that enhanced the group video calling functionality were as follows. Muting Others During Group Voice Calls — This feature allows users to mute others during group voice calls. update. 

This can be handy when a call is interrupted by background noise. The ability to communicate with other participants during group calls is an additional enhancement. 

Now, users who wish to send a message to another individual while participating in a group call can do so.

WhatsApp will offer these features in 2022

WhatsApp unveiled numerous new features, with more to come. WhatsApp has been observed implementing a number of new features in recent weeks. 

Some of these features are reportedly under beta testing, while others are presently being developed (consequently, their rollout is imminent). 

WhatsApp has recently been observed trying out Instagram Reels integration. We have compiled a list of WhatsApp features presently under development and slated for delivery in 2022

The new features of WhatsApp are meant to improve the chat experience and make the app more useful.

Here are some of these features.

No time limit for deleting messages that have been sent

There is now a time limit of 4,096 seconds (68 minutes and 16 seconds) for WhatsApp users to erase transmitted messages. 

Based on early testing of the beta version of the app, it looks like the company plans to remove the restriction for good.

A new community amenity

WhatsApp is developing a new community feature that may soon be available. Reports indicate that the feature is comparable to Discord groups and channels. 

The new community feature will grant administrators greater control over the app’s various components. 

Administrators will be able to create many groups inside a community, similar to how Discord works.

Message response

It looks like you will soon be able to answer WhatsApp messages with images, similar to how Instagram and Facebook allow you to do so. 

Supposedly, WABetaInfo uncovered a sneak preview of the functionality. 

With the message reaction feature, users will be able to reply to a message with up to six emojis.

Past group members may soon be viewable on WhatsApp

According to an Android Beta Update, WhatsApp May Soon Allow Viewing of Past Group Members.

WhatsApp is apparently launching a new feature that would enable users to view past group members. 

The change by the instant messaging service owned by Meta will make it simpler to keep track of WhatsApp group members who have departed in the past. 

The functionality has been found in WhatsApp for Android beta version, which is available through the Google Play Beta Programme, but testers cannot access it. 

Recently, WhatsApp was found working on a feature that would allow users to leave groups without telling other members.

According to a tip from WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp may soon permit users to examine prior group members. 

The functionality, discovered in Android beta version v2.22.12.4, is still in development and is not accessible to beta testers. 

The report includes an image depicting the new option, providing consumers with a preview of how the item may appear once it is implemented. 

The View Past Participants option is shown at the bottom of the list of group members in the WhatsApp group details screenshot.

According to WABetaInfo, the option to view prior group members is now accessible to all group members, not only group administrators. 

However, this may change before the function is released to beta testers or the general public.

WhatsApp intends to provide new features and upgrades to enhance the platform’s group messaging capabilities. 

The company is developing a new feature that would allow users to leave WhatsApp groups incognito. 

Recently, the WhatsApp Desktop beta was detected with this functionality (once again under development and not available to beta testers) that allows users to quit groups without notifying other members. 

The user and group administrators will only be informed of the exit. Currently, WhatsApp displays an automatic notification when a group member leaves.

One WhatsApp account can be used across many mobile devices soon

Last month, WhatsApp introduced multi-device functionality for Android and iOS users. This allows users to use their WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on up to four devices and one phone without an active internet connection. 

Now, the instant messaging company owned by Meta is purportedly developing a new feature that would allow users to add a secondary handset as a companion to their primary WhatsApp-enabled phone. 

This allows users to link their WhatsApp accounts to another device. This functionality was purportedly discovered in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android

The WhatsApp Desktop Beta begins testing the pause feature

WhatsApp is launching a feature allowing desktop users to pause and restart audio recordings. Recently, the instant messaging service included the opportunity to examine voice notes before transmitting them. 

The beta version of WhatsApp Desktop is currently testing the ability to pause and restart voice recordings while they are playing in a conversation. 

The functionality is now accessible on WhatsApp for iOS but has yet to arrive on WhatsApp for Android.


WhatsApp is capable of a great deal, but there are still many things that users wish it had. 

The good news is that Android devices will soon be able to share their conversation histories and work better with each other.