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Who is Zahara Toto?

Who is Zahara Toto? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, early life, Age, education and background of Nalumansi Zahara.

Nalumansi Zahara alias Zahara Toto is a TV and radio presenter at Nbs and Next radio both under Next media services. 

The motor-mouthed Zahara Toto presents a gossip show called Uncut on NBS TV and Sanyuka TV and a show called The Lounge at Next Radio

The light-skinned beautiful self-proclaimed field marshal gossip queen made her name when still at Spark TV and while doing a show called Live Wire with a colleague called Annatalia Ozzy before they both joined Next media in 2018 which has stations including Nbs, Sanyuka and Next Radio.  

Education and background

Zahara Toto was born in 1985 at Nsambya Hospital to the family of Mr Oman who is a truck driver and Mrs Betty Mbabazi who was a businesswoman in Kampala City. 

Zahara is the second born out the five children and after her birth, Zahara’s mother and the family shifted from Katwe to Makindye where she started her education journey. 

Zahara joined a school called Makindye Nursery School before she joined Kibuli Police Children School where she finished her primary level. 

According to Zahara, her family shifted from Makindye to her grandmother’s place in Kibuli because her mother was a business lady and she had started travelling a lot and the only option was taking the family to a grandmother who was around and could look after the children when Zahara’s mother is not around.

After her primary level, Zahara Toto joined Muyega High School where she studied for one term and they changed her to Kisubi High School which was a boarding school. When she finished her senior four Zahara was introduced by the then-boyfriend and became a housewife. 

Later Zahara opted for adult education and finished her A level and after her A level, Toto pursued a Diploma in marketing which helped her in career later.

Zahara Toto presents a gossip show called Uncut
Zahara Toto presents a gossip show called Uncut on NBS TV.

Zahara Toto – Work and Experience 

In her primary seven vacations, Zahara Toto got a chance to read the Kid’s news show on WBS TV that could air every weekend before the Teen’s Club show and it was during this time that made a friendship with the late Rose Mary Nankabirwa who was a news anchor at WBS TV.  

Zahara joined the Obsessions group in her senior two which was a girl group and it was taken to be best at the time. She joined a group as a singer and dancer and the group had other members like Sheeba, Jackie O, Daisy and Sharon O but she didn’t stay in the group for a long period because of management issues.

After leaving the Obsessions Toto decided to revive her TV career and she did this by calling her friend Rose Mary who had joined Ntv as a news anchor. Rose Mary connected Zahara to the Late Steven who was the producer of the newly established program called T-nation. 

Zahara was the first presenter to present the famous T-nation program but in her senior four, she was introduced by the boyfriend and since the T-nation program was targeting the youth, Zahra could not continue doing the show because she had been married and she had turned out to be a mother.

After her senior four, Zahara Toto joined the group called Chille Girls which was a singing girl group a group created by Universal Entertainment but she quit the group because of management issues. 

Zahara joined a dance group called Maisha Dancers which was a dance group and this time also became a video vixen and she featured in many videos including Omusomesa by Jamal, Ayagala Mulasi by Bobi Wine and many more videos. 

Later joined East Africa Media as a public relations officer after she had left Maisha Dancers. Because of the experience she got from the East African Media, Zahara became a club PR of club Venom that was located in Kabalagala and after one year she joined club Play still under the department of marketing and PR.

When Spark TV opened in December 2015 Zahara Toto was invited to be among the presenters of the station whose target were strictly ladies. 

According to Toto, she was supposed to do a show called Trends but the management came up with a new gossip show called Live Wire and because of her talent and voice tone, they decided to put her on the show.

She was later joined by Annatalia Ozzy who was her co-host of the show. 

zahara toto and-Annatalia-Oze quit
At the peak of Live Wire in 2018, Zahara and Annatalia Ozzy both decided to quit the show.

At the peak of Live Wire in 2018, Zahara and Annatalia Ozzy both decided to quit the show and the station to join Next Media services which were offering better salary and privileges to the duo. 

When they joined their new home the management came up with a new show called Uncut Kalakata which was going to air from Monday to Friday and it was going to be on both Nbs TV and Sanyuka TV.

This decision was right for Zahara Toto because it helped her to start her radio career since Next Media had a radio and she was given a show called The Lounge which airs on Next radio.

Zahara Toto – Family 

Zahara Toto is a mother of three children and a divorcee and of recent she was seen hooking up with a guy who she calls Big Papa and last year he gifted her with a BMW.


The loud-mouthed Toto’s career has been surrounded by a lot of controversies and the outstanding one of all is her dress code. While still at Spark TV Zahara showed up in a skimpy black and white suit pant for Live wire and this made people question her professionalism. 

After a short break, Toto returned wrapped in a lesu to stop disgusting the viewers. In 2020 Zahara turned up like a farmer going to the garden at Spice Diana’s press conference which made fans to brand her as Kanda Bongoman.

zahara toto The Lounge at Next Radio
She also hosts a show called The Lounge at Next Radio.

In 2018 Zahara Toto was attacked by a socialite known as Sheila Don Zella who claimed that Toto had aired a wrong story about her. In the video, Sheila Don Zella used obscene words when attacking the motor-mouthed queen presenter and also went ahead to claim how broke she was and could not afford an air ticket. 

Zahara has not been in good terms with the socialites and the latest to attack was Zari said Zahara should stop bleaching and also spend time on fixing her shapeless stomach.

A few months back Zahara attacked and abused Record Tv’s presenter Luzze Anderson. Luzze wanted an exclusive interview with Zahara but she responded by using an obscene language to Luzze and claiming that Anderson had once attacked her children yet there was no need to attack them.