Ziggy Wyne Late Michael Alinda laid to Rest
Ziggy Wyne laid to rest: Bobi Wine rejects police report. Photo/Alfred Tumushabe

Bobi Wine, Bajjo and other mourners’ rejects police report concerning his death at the burial ceremony

The burial of the late musician, Michael Alinda common name Ziggy Wyne that happened on Wednesday 7 August.

The ceremony turned political when People Power Pressure Group denied the post-mortem report provided by the police that he died of sustained serious injuries following a motorcycle accident around Kyebando along Northern bypass.  

Mourners said the report released as regards to Ziggy Wyne’s death is false, based on what the deceased told them in his last days.

They say that Ziggy Wyne informed them that he was beaten before he breathed his last. 

At Michael Alinda ancestral home in Mitooma Kashenshero, where he was buried, the mood was tense with repeated calls to mourners to stop turning his burial ceremony into a political crusade.

But this calmness was frustrated later when music promoter, Andy Mukasa popular name Bajjo of Bajjo events was given a chance to say his last words on musician Ziggy Wyne.

“We need to do something such that we don’t lose our brothers and sisters again. I want to first warn this Muzeyi, don’t ever threaten people from saying what they want to say again,” Bajjo warned.

After Bajjo’s message, an eye witness who saw Ziggy Wyne in his last days said his condition was severe and helpless.

“On getting the news about Ziggy Wyne, we went there immediately but on seeing him his state was devastating.” 

Addressing mourners at the burial ceremony, the Kyadondo East legislator stage name Bobi Wine informed mourners that Ziggy Wyne said it himself to the family and friends who saw him that he was beaten.

“Ziggy right from his family and the people who saw him first while we were in the North, say Ziggy informed them that he was beaten. He said it himself,” Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine continued to say that police statement cannot be relied on because they are false and contradictory.

“Police said he died as a result of an accident; it’s the same police that said I had guns in Arua and later withdrew the claim. Police had initially said he was killed and they later said it was an accident. He was killed innocently, he did commit any crime, we are law-abiding,” Bobi Wine’s message to the mourners.

A police report issued on Tuesday 6, August 2019 indicates that Ziggy Wyne died as a result of a road accident which he was involved in after he knocked a 24-year-old lady, a nursery school teacher around Kyebando along Northern Bypass at 7:30 pm on July 21, 2019.

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Deputy Resident District Commissioner, William Kasolo was disrupted by mourners when he attempted to read a police statement regarding Ziggy Wyne’s death.

However, Rev Richard Mubangizi, leader Kashenshero archdeaconry said that killers of Ziggy Wyne will account before God when the time to give accountability before God comes. If truly he was killed.

Abed Bwanika, former presidential candidate and DP Bloc member said that Ziggy Wyne’s death has inflicted severe wounds to the family, particularly that they know that there was a hand in his death.

“When you are sure of what has taken your person’s life, you can say it’s God who has decided so, but when you have different reports about someone’s death, you remain deeply hurt,” Bwanika stated.