Rema Ssebunya marriage Rema dumped long-time lover Eddy Kenzo for Dr Hamza Sebunya
Rema dumped long-time lover Eddy Kenzo for Dr Hamza Sebunya

On the 9th of October 2019, singer and ex-girlfriend to Eddy Kenzo, Rema Namakula introduced her new husband Dr Hamza Ssebunya ‘The gynaecologist’ to her parents in a classy kukyala ceremony which was attended by several Kampala tycoons like Kirumira among several others.

Will Rema and Ssebunya marriage last? For starters, their Kukyala was rated as the most ever luxurious kukyala ceremony in Uganda. On that evening, the lean on me hitmaker posted classy shots and videos on her social media handles.

This created a stampede in Uganda with mixed reactions from her fans and those of her ex-boyfriend Edrisa Musuuza (Eddy Kenzo).

Many blamed Kenzo for having delayed to wed the dimpled singer while others attacked Rema for being unfaithful in her relationship.

Among the many who supported Rema and humiliated Eddy Kenzo was the controversial Sheikh Muzaata Batte, a religious leader turned marriage counsellor, political analyst and motivational who told Kenzo to go and marry his mother who died over 20 years ago. Muzaata went on and referred to Kenzo as ‘semyekozo’ and a possible gay due to the pins in his ears.

Muzaata’s words forced Kenzo into a deadly depression which almost claimed his life. For weeks, Kenzo who was abroad in Colombia and the United States performing for his fans started posting ‘unnecessary’ posts on his twitter and Facebook accounts.

In one of the videos, Kenzo posted on his social media saw the sitya loss singer vowed never to perform on any Ugandan stage unless Sheikh Muzaata publicly apologized with hashtag #MuzataMustApologize.

This trended on social media but unfortunately, Muzaata didn’t apologize even after the return of Eddy Kenzo.

So Eddy Kenzo died in his movie and he is even planning to stage a concert at Namboole according to sources.

Ever since the kukyala ceremony several individuals have come up with theories claiming that Rema and Ssebunya marriage won’t last for even a single year. I choose to differ.

Sue Dr Hamza Sebunya. Meet Rema's new man identified as Hamza Sebunya
Sue Dr Hamza Sebunya: Tamale Mirundi, Pastor Sempa speaks out on the Rema and Kenzo’s failed relationship. Photo/Facebook

However, much different people have insisted that Ssebunya is also a member of the ‘Love nigga’s’ association who is not ready to settle in a stable relationship. Ssebunya Hamza is a professional doctor and currently married to another woman.

This doesn’t anything since both are staunch Muslims who understand that a man can have more than one wife. 

Baganda has a saying that ‘ebikolimo byenkoko tebitta kamunye’ which mean what people say or claim can’t stop what God has started.

Whatever Kenzo ‘Love Niggas President’ and other Love niggas claim may not stop the two love birds who are planning to legalize their relationship culturally on the 14th of November.

In this particular article, Flash Uganda Media puts several reasons why Rema and Ssebunya marriage is going to be a huge success and an inspiration to many beginner relationships.


Did you realize that Rema won public from struggling and confused Eddy Kenzo lately? When Kenzo started posting his unessential posts on his facebook page, many called it foolish and instead sided with Rema.

Believe it or not, most people who loved Rema to get back with Kenzo instead started celebrating and started referring to Kenzo childish.

Therefore, being a celebrity couple Ssebunya and his new wife will face fewer attacks from the so-called ‘facebook in-laws’ who will instead troll Eddy Kenzo and hence leaving the new couple enjoy their marriage in peace.

Mainly celebrity couples which lack the support of the end up collapsing since everyone is on the day in day out.

The Ssebunya’s must be at their luxurious home sipping on the support of the fans.


Have you ever seen the zeal and willingness to make things work out by a person who wants to prove a point? Truth be told, Rema Namakula and his hubby would love to prove to everyone that they can actually move on and start a new relationship together and have kids together.

Even when they find problems in their journey, the duo will always find a way to keep going. Unlike Kenzo who moved out of his house to rent a small apartment leaving his wife with the kids, the gynaecologist might be different.

He looks gentle and a person who truly loves and understands his wife.


Kenzo’s claims that he was wedded with his ‘friend’ were refuted and thrown away by the same Sheikh who he claims authorized the marriage.

Kenzo had earlier mentioned that he was officially wedded with his baby mama 3 years ago while celebrating their daughter’s nikah in Kampala. Rema remained silent.

Rema Sebunya kukyala ceremony
Why Rema and Ssebunya will make it in marriage. File Photo

During the Kukyala, Sheikh Muzaata thanked Hamza for seeing the beauty of his new wife and deciding to make it official. Muzaata also asked Ssebunya to religiously marry Rema to seal and secure their marriage. 


The first success to the ‘gynaecologist’ was officially meeting Rema’s parents. Kenzo didn’t for seven years.

On meeting the parents, he was blessed and allowed to take care of their daughter. He may want to dump his wife, but the fear to loose respect from Rema’s parents will push him to continue in a relationship with the singer.

Ssebunya also confirmed that he will also be introduced to Rema’s family officially on the 14th November this year.

  • LOVE

Tell me you watched the videos. Tell me you saw and downloaded those amazing pictures that were added on social media. Other factors aside, the biggest factor to keep these two love birds together is LOVE.

The singer seems to be in deep love with the doctor. The way Rema appreciates the love from Ssebunya is the opposite of her previous relationship. They just had a child together.

Stories will be told and rumours will be all over social media concerning the relationship between these two. They will find difficulties, they will quarrel but I believe that there is nothing that beats love.

At Flash Uganda Media we wish Rema and Ssebunya a happy marriage and may God bless them with amazing and wonderful kids.

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