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Biography of Rema Namakula: Hamza Sebunya new wife. Photo/Instagram

Who is Rema Namakula?: Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, family, husband, tribe, house, boyfriends, work and experience, songs, child, Aaliyah Ssebunya, Amaal Musuuza, relationship with Eddy Kenzo, early life and education of Hamza Ssebunya’s wife.

Rema Namakula is a Ugandan female recording artist, a businesswoman, a mother and a wife to Dr Hamza Ssebunya. Namakula is one of the celebrated female artistes in Uganda.

Rema comes from a humble background and is a practising Muslim, she attributes her success to hard work.

“I take a step at a time and also believe in God…I love my God. If you (upcoming artistes) are lucky to meet the right people, then everything will happen. If not – you need to work and pray hard.”

Early Life and Education

Rema Namakula who is the last born to her family was born on 24, April 1991 to the late mother Hamida Nabbosa and the late father Mukiibi Ssemakula in Lubaga hospital. But her parents lived in Masaka District, that’s where she was raised, until the time she lost both her parents.

In her early school life, Rema attended Kitante Primary School, where she attained her primary school education certificate, Primary Leaving Examination (PLE).

After she moved to St. Balikudembe Senior Secondary School, from where she attained both her Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

From St Balikubembe Senior Secondary School, Rema joined Kyambogo University for her higher education. but unfortunately, she dropped out after she got busy with her music career.

Work and Experience

Rema Namakula began nurturing her career during her S.6 vacation, her singing activities began in Karaoke. Then, later on, she became Halima Namakula’s backup artist, who as well mentored her in her music career.

Halima Namakula is a relative to Rema, she’s one of the people who took care of Rema after her parents passed away.

After Halima Namakula retired from music, Rema joined the Gagamel crew, owned by Bebe Cool, a renowned Ugandan Singer as a backup artist as well.

However, in 2013, Bebe Cool was watching television, and all of a sudden he saw Rema talking about launching a solo album, which Bebe Cool didn’t know about. So he fired her and she went solo.

In the same year, she was fired from Gagamel, Rema released a song titled “Oli wange” composed and written by Nince Henry. A song that marked her rise to fame in Uganda’s music industry.

In 2016, Rema was selected to represent Uganda at the fourth season of Coke Studio Africa 2016, alongside Lydia Jazmine, Eddy Kenzo and Radio and Weasel.

Other participants in the invitation-only event included 2Baba (2Face Idibia) from Nigeria and Trey Songz from the United States.

Other works

  • Itel ambassador
  • Jessa brand ambassador
  • Qkids diapers ambassador 

Rema Namakula Family

Over five years ago, Rema began a romantic relationship with her fellow Singer, Edirisa Musuuza stage name Eddy Kenzo. Kenzo and Rema met way back at WBS Television which no longer exists.

Rema came to WBS TV along with Halima Namakula, by then they were singing WBS TV songs.

According to Kenzo, he got attracted to Rema, because she was young as he was, and secondly her voice was extra good.

Kenzo releases a WhatsApp conversation Rema
Kenzo gives Ex Rema assurance in her new relationship with Sebunya in a leaked WhatsApp conversation. File Photo

Kenzo also said that Rema’s song Maama touched him so much because he had lost his mother and it happens to be that Rema as well lost his mother, and the song was really from deep her heart.

And from that time, Kenzo never forgot the person who sang the song Maama. Kenzo then began following Rema. The two became great friends and they could always be together in the studio, and that’s Remix Power Studio, by then it was D- Records owned by sweet Kid.

So along the way, the two fell in love with each other and began a romantic relationship. They worked together as a team, and then on 26, December 2014, Rema gave birth to a baby girl at Paragon Hospital Bugoloobi, a Kampala suburb, named Aamal Musuuza.

However, Kenzo has another girl named Maya Musuuza from an earlier relationship.

Today Rema and Kenzo ended their five-year relationship, and Rema is currently holding her marriage proceedings with another man, outside the music arena named Hamza Sebunya, a doctor based in Mulago Hospital, working in the field of gynaecology.

Rema’s news of getting married to Dr Sebunya stormed the media on the 31st, August 2019, with photos of her and Sebunya displayed all-over social media platforms indicating their intended marriage next month in November 2019.

Among the pictures, there were photos of Rema and Sebunya’s concluded Islamic marriage ceremony (Nikkah) which they held secretly earlier this year.

And on the 9th, October 2019, Rema and Dr Sebunya held the Kukyala ceremony, the first marriage occasion, where the groom and the bride to be families gets to know each other officially, in the bride’s parents home.

The ceremony was held in Naguru, a Kampala suburb at late Godfrey Mabirizi’s Palatial home.

The ceremony was attended by some city tycoons, money bags in Kampala, including the outspoken Muslim cleric, Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata who made disgracing remarks against Rema’s ex-boyfriend Kenzo, in his speech.

In the remarks, the controversial sheikh commended Rema for dumping Kenzo, stating that Kenzo was mindless about their 5- year relationship. He accused him of being a playboy, who had no intentions for marriage.

Muzaata then congratulated Rema for escaping a “love Nigga”, and said Kenzo should go and marry his mother, if all he wants is to wait until a woman turns his mother’s age, before marrying her.

However, responding to Muzaata’s statements, Kenzo said that it was not good to air out humiliating statements before his young and innocent daughter, Aamal Musuuza. He said he has nothing to do for Muzaata, but only God will make the final judgement.

“You have attacked and humiliated me in front of my daughter (Aamal Musuuza). I don’t think that was her good day and she will never forget you. Thank you Sheikh Muzaata, Allah will be our judge on the final day, God willing.”

Kenzo adds that Sheikh Muzaata shouldn’t have mentioned his mother, because he lost her 20yrs ago.

Sheikh Muzaata Kenzo
Sheikh Muzaata denies apologizing to playboy Eddy Kenzo. File Photo

Defending his statements, Muzaata said that the statement is clearly stated on Social Media. He says one time, Kenzo said that a woman has to first look like your mother, before committing into marriage with her, which is a bad example to the public.

“But the boy, I think on Social Media his messages are clear, he said he’s not ready, he can’t get married anyhow, he has to take his time studying the person he intends to marry, because he does not want to wake up one morning regretting and file for divorce, after marriage.”

Muzaata in his further defensive statements allegedly accused Kenzo of being a gay, just because he wears ear pins and the reason why he’s in America, something Kenzo says has made him spend sleepless nights.

Leaving everything to God was not enough for the BET Award winner, as Muzaata’s statements and allegations kept ringing and pressing his feelings.

He released a resolution on Saturday, 12, October 2019, following the incident not to sing again on Ugandan stages not until Sheikh Muzaata recalls his weird statements, which according to Kenzo, deeply tortures him and humiliated him before his fans and the public at large.

“I apologise to everyone affected by the ongoing saga, but I didn’t mean it. I am tortured by Muzaata’s wild allegations, and I don’t know how I can get onto the stage for my Ugandan followers. He should come out to clear the air about what he labelled me. I won’t get onto the stage to sing in Uganda until Muzaata retracts his statements towards me.”

Kenzo further revealed that he and Rema held the Islamic marriage ceremony (Nikka), which Sheikh Muzaata is accusing him of not doing.

“Unless he’s blaming me for not doing the traditional wedding or introduction, but for a religious one (Nikka) the function was done long ago. I am tortured by Muzaata’s words. I have decided without being forced that I will never sing on a Ugandan stage until my death unless he (Muzaata) retracts his statements.”

Again this was not enough for Kenzo, in a social media post, he announced that he is coming back in a short while to lay a strike against Sheikh Muzaata’s insults, unethical and groundless remarks he framed against him, his career and his late mother.

Kenzo said the strike will include spending day and night outside Kibuli Mosque indefinitely until Sheikh Muzaata admits an apology.

“I am coming and I will be sleeping outside Kibuli Mosque until I see Mr Muzaata. Njagala ampowe ne Maama wange.”

But after some advice from his superiors and State House officials, Kenzo laid a cease-fire on his intended demonstration against Muzaata’s weird remarks against him and asked his fans to end any attack they had formed against Muzaata.

rema and sebunya kukyala photos
Rema Namakula and husband Hamza Sebunya

Besides, Rema’s Kwanjula (Introduction) ceremony arrangements are underway. She will be introducing her fiancée Dr Hamza Sebunya to her relatives’ next month in Nabingo, Bataka village along Masaka road.    

On Sunday 7th November 2021, Ugandan recording artist Rema Namakula gave birth to a healthy child with her husband Dr Hamza Ssebunya. The child has been named Aaliyah Ssebunya.

The Sili Muyembe singer captioned her photo as “07.11.2021. Ma sha Allah. Dynamic wedding photography,” denying rumours she gave birth one month ago.


  • Oli wange
  • Katonotono
  • Lean On Me
  • Lowooza Kunze
  • Deep in Love
  • Muchuuzi
  • Atuuse
  • Kukaliba
  • Fire Tonight
  • Cease and Sekkle
  • Banyabo
  • Sibymukisa
  • Linda
  • Tikula
  • Akaliro
  • Yo Sweet
  • kilungi
  • Rock With Me
  • Be With You 
  • Siri Muyembe
  • Touch My Body
  • Eat Well
  • Make A Difference


Before making a collaboration with any singer, Rema says she first looks out for the following in a musician’s life; they have to be good, talented and possessing a good personality, as well as being a down to earth person.

Because music is a feeling. What you feel is what you produce.”

Below is Rema’s collaborations;

  • Oli Wakabi ft. Aziz Azion
  • Nsiima ft. Maro
  • Gutujja ft. B2C
  • Jubireewo ft. Mesach, Lutalo, Mayinja, Walukagga, Hildaman, Bugembe and Ceaserous.
  • Whistle featuring Rema and Ykee Benda
  • Banyabo-Extended Zouk Version and Dj Beam
  • Missing You ft. Bebe Cool 


In 2013, Rema won the HiPipo Music Awards as the; 

  • Best HiPipo Charts Artist.
  • Best Breakthrough Artist
  • Best Female Artist
  • Best R&B Song, “Oli Wange”

In 2014, Rema as well won the HiPipo Music Awards as the;

  • Best Female Artist of the Year
  • Best Female Artist (Dancehall)
  • Best Female RnB song-Kukaliba


Rema likes children: “I love taking care of kids.” However, Rema says it’s a challenge to her as a travelling mother since her music career involves a lot of travelling. “it’s not easy to be a travelling mum, but I try.”