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Dr Hamza Sebunya is the new man in musician Rema Namakula’s love life.

Dr Hamza Sebunya is the new man in musician Rema Namakula’s love life, after calling it quit with Eddy Kenzo

Dr Hamza Sebunya is a medical doctor (Gynaecologist) at Mulago National Referral Hospital Kampala.

Last month August 31 2019, Rema and Eddy Kenzo’s fans were shocked when they landed on Rema’s photos displayed all over Social Media together with Dr Ssebunya, indicating that the two are in love and a stated date for their traditional marriage set for November 14 this year.

This sent a clear message to fans that the two musicians on and off relationship have finally ended, since Rema opened up that Ssebunya is her new and official fiancée, husband to be, come November 2019.

Even though little is still known about Dr Ssebunya, it’s reported that he is the same doctor who worked on Rema during her pregnancy and since they are lovers now, the two have decided to legalise their relationship and stay together for the rest of their lives.

However, it’s reported that Rema and Ssebunya held their Islamic marriage ceremony (NICA) secretly before Ramadhan in her parents’ home (Kukyala).

Just like Rema, Sebunya has a baby boy from an earlier relationship that failed also, with a woman only identified as Habiba.

The two had their Islamic marriage ceremony (NICA) a few years ago. However, later on, the two separated bitterly after their relationship encountered challenges.

But before Habiba, Sebunya had a relationship with another woman only identified as Desire and together they have a child as well, although they rarely get in touch with each other these days.

And before Rema came in the picture, Dr Sebunya was in a relationship with another girl named Betty Bukenya, who later became Bushira Bukenya, because she had made her mind to marry a Muslim man and that’s none other than Dr Sebunya.

But, after picking up Rema, Dr Ssebunya dumped Bukenya although she has dimples just like Rema and beautiful as well.  

Betty Bukenya was Dr Ssebunya’s long-time girlfriend, the two met in 2017 when Bukenya was pursuing her studies at Makerere University and working at his shop as well.

However, Bukenya graduated in January 2017 and later on in April 2017, the two held their traditional marriage and began living together in Bukoto.

But as time went on, Dr Sebunya’s attitude towards his wife Bukenya started charging and it’s believed that’s the time he started seeing Rema, his current fiancé.

Rema dumped long-time lover Eddy Kenzo for Dr Hamza Sebunya
Rema dumped long-time lover Eddy Kenzo for Dr Hamza Sebunya

And during those times, Bukenya became suspicious of Dr Sebunya, so one day as she went through his contacts messages, she came across a message sent to Rema, but she was unbothered because there wasn’t any response.

But after some time, Sebunya stopped returning home and started staying in one of his houses in Namugongo.

However, Bukenya started wondering what has come over her fiancée and she had no answers to the many questions she had at the time.

She then decided to leave the house and returned to her parent’s house in Kireka, only to hear that Dr Sebunya is set to hold a traditional marriage with singer Rema few months after their separation in February 2019. 

But before their separation, Bukenya and Dr Hamza Sebunya was madly in love as he had been throwing her expensive birthday parties year after year.

And Bukenya could post cosy pics of her and fiancée on her Facebook page.

Surprisingly, Bukenya has been a great fan of Rema Namakula and also a member in team Rema, a fan group of Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo, who used to share their posts on her timeline.

However, Bukenya denied the responsibility of circulating Rema and Dr Ssebunya’s pics all over Social Media as it was alleged saying; she and Ssebunya separated a long time ago, and she knew whatever has been going on between the two because Ssebunya stopped returning home in February.

She says it was hurting but later on she moved on after learning that he was with Rema. And today it’s not a big deal! because she moved on.

“I wish them well! But I want the public to know that I wasn’t the one who circulated those pics.”

Meanwhile, an undisclosed close source to Dr Hamza Sebunya revealed that it’s bad luck for Rema because Sebunya is a dumper! who loves and dumps one girl after another.

He adds that Bukenya came to know about Rema when she was still at Ssebunya’s house in Bukoto.

But after learning that Ssebunya has replaced her, she picked up her only belongings and left the house, because Ssebunya was not returning home anymore.

“Spends nights out of home and when he comes, he pays no attention to her. So, Betty decided to leave saying I’m still young, I can’t stay in such a situation. She left the Bukoto house leaving his belongings inside the house. But it means they were seeing each other with Rema! I don’t know where? But they know best. So, since Betty is no longer there? I don’t know whether Rema will be taken to that same house or another? because the house is empty! and the man has a lot of houses. He rents houses and puts there a woman.”

How Rema and Hamza Ssebunya met

Rema and Dr Hamza Sebunya met at Uganda Manufacturer Association (UMA) during a function, so after her performance, Dr Ssebunya asked for a selfie with the ‘Deep in Love’ Singer.

Shortly Dr Ssebunya began looking for Rema’s phone number to send her the self pics they both took at the function. And it was not long, he got the number and sent the pictures to Rema.

But to Rema, it was not a big deal since she receives many of them from her fans.

From there, Ssebunya started sending love text messages to Rema but Rema used to ignore him because she had Eddy Kenzo whom she loved very much despite the starvation due to constant trips he’s ever on.

Then one day Rema’s close friend told her that this is your dream man! Reminding her of her 2014 song which had a line talking about Doctor.

New Man Dr Hamza Sebunya awards
Dr Hamza Ssebunya the Gynaecologist was awarded Excellence in Medicine Award by the Ministry of Health

Meanwhile, during this time Dr Hamza Sebunya had issues with his fiancé, Betty Bukenya who was originally his employee just like Rema was with Kenzo. So the two decided to set off for a relationship and leave behind their past.

But on the condition from Rema! She told Dr Hamza Sebunya that it has to be official rather not like it was with Kenzo. And today the two love birds are set to officialise their relationship come November this year.

This is what Rema yearned for, to be loved and married officially! But Kenzo looked unbothered of Rema’s needs as his priorities were ever on his musical trips leaving Rema back home unhappy.

For almost two years, Rema was alone in the house, leaving her with no other choice, but to find love elsewhere.

Kenzo is currently in the US, but information from his close alias states that he needs every ones’ prayers, because he’s down over what’s going on in his family, and he has asked people not to take any picture of his at this particular time.

Kenzo admitted the blame confirming that he once stayed away from home for 5 complete months, and today he has been away from home for two years.

The BET Awards winner, responding to the situation has composed a song titled ‘Bibawo’ and in the lyrics, he says “you can go, but they should not return you when you are worn out.”

Just like Kenzo, Rema’s latest fiancée Dr Hamza Sebunya the Gynaecologist was awarded Excellence in Medicine Award by the Ministry of Health.

This is after the tall, handsome and charming medic demonstrated altruism, compassion, integrity, leadership and personal sacrifice while providing quality health care to a destitute, distressed or magnified community.

Nonetheless, it’s rumoured that Rema is now pregnant for Dr Ssebunya, but his Sengas are doubting whether her pregnancy is truly for their son.

Because the two became a friend while Rema was still living with Kenzo at their house in Seguku, which have spoiled her marriage ceremony mood set for November 14.

It’s reported that she’s fighting hard to prove that, her pregnancy is truly for Ssebunya.

And if the Senga’s doubts happen to be true, Rema’s planned traditional marriage could be in trouble.