detention inside ISO Safe Houses
A MUST READ: Former detainees narrate their story under detention inside ISO Safe Houses. File Photo

The Human Rights Committee of Parliament was last Month instructed by the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga to conduct an investigation into the existing ISO Safe Houses.

Inside ISO Safe Houses: One in Lwamayuba in Kalangala District and Another in Kyengera along Masaka road which was identified to be torture centres for Ugandans by ISO Operatives, and later submit a report before parliament.

However, yesterday the Committee began hearing victims of these torture centres testimonies which were characterised by pain, tears and grief from over 30 victims.

Unfolding the untold story of their suffering under high command directives in ISO Safe Houses, some said that until today, they don’t know the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Kayondo Justine, torture victim narrated before the Human Rights Committee that he was injected and lost his manhood.

“they gave me one injection into my thumb which reduced my manhood, and up to now I can’t produce.”

Abdul Wahab Kawooya in his testimony said that “they got a black kavera and placed in 3 stones, tied them on my private parts and started pulling them.”

It was yet a tearful moment when the wives to the suspects testified against ISO boss, Kaka Bagyenda who made their lives sorrowful.

“I called him (Kaka) and asked him to give me my husband’s car my child is critically ill, needs a blood transfusion. So, I am requesting that you give me my husband’s car, such that I sell it and get the money to treat my child. But Kaka refused and my child died helplessly,” Hadija Nakungu wife to victim testified before the Committee.

Aisha Nankungu informed the Committee that she does not know where his husband is, not even the state he’s in.

“We last heard that my husband was transferred to Kalangala. So am requesting if he’s dead, give us our body. The children are asking for their father and we don’t know how to tell them.”

Testifying, Rose Bwanika collapsed as she gave her heartfelt the story of her kidnapped son, Joel Kyeyune a law student whose whereabouts are missing.

Meanwhile, Hon Egunyu Jenifer Nantume, woman legislator Buvuma District also the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, vowed to continue with the investigation to find out where the alleged victims who are said to be missing are, and the reason for this kind of torture to Ugandans.

“This is subject to the investigation but when I see tears of, because some people who are taken, and the relatives don’t know their whereabouts.”