Boda Boda cyclist murder suspects
Police and ISO clash over investigations report

Police have fired back at Internal Security Organisation (ISO) for disproving the Boda Boda cyclist murder suspects arrested in Kampala.

Police say their preliminary report on the matter indicates that the two suspects John Bosco Mugisha and Young Mulo murdered Deric Mulindwa, the Boda Boda cyclist.

However, recent media reports from ISO investigations show that police arrested wrong suspects. ISO findings state that some police officers are involved in the Boda Boda cyclist murder.

But police have rejected the accusations’ saying their preliminary forensic investigations already pinned the two suspects.

“Mugisha is the one who removed the Helmet, so his fingerprints remained on the Helmet and they have been matched by our forensic scientists. So, that one effectively places him at the scene. Now this other allegation of information indicating that we don’t have the right suspects that remain with whoever is claiming that. We are pretty sure that in these investigations we have the right suspects, who have been terrorising Boda Boda riders,” Enanga said.

Nonetheless, Private Security Analyst, Charles Rwomushana questioned police why it harried up to investigate this murder case which is of public interest.

According to him, police would have investigated the case quietly because regular appearances in the media compromise potential suspects.

“The moment you discover that you have a clue from the video then you don’t make it public, you don’t alert the other group that you know we have made a breakthrough, because they will do two things one- they may kill those people to conceal second, third, fourth layers of management and these could be the ones that you are most interested in. some movie actors are expendables, in intelligence, we call it they need to know the doctrines, I ignore what you ought to know and stop there,” Rwomushana said.

This is not the first time police is clashing with ISO, and according to Rwomushana, this is a clear indication that there is a problem in the security sector of Uganda.

“These are things you monitor, so now they can give it into a police system which they control to obstruct intelligence, because the way Museveni’s State machine operates, it operates in media, it operates with public opinion, the one who wins Public opinion is the one who’s the victor,” Rwomushana says.

However, Enanga says these are all false accusations filed against the police force.

“You notice that ever since these people were arrested, we’ve not had any new incidence of Boda Boda murders and robbers within the Kampala Metropolitan area. And yet these were very rampant incidences,” said Enanga.

Mulindwa Deric was killed in cold blood on 28th of June Friday night in Kakeeka Village Mengo, in Lubaga Division and the two killers Yanga Mulo and Mugisha drove away with his Boda Boda.

The two suspects were revealed after a private CCTV Camera filmed them committing the crime.