South Africa Xenophobic attacks
South Africa Xenophobic attacks: MPs demand answers on the safety of Ugandans in South Africa. File Photo

Parliamentary Members have raised concerns about Ugandans who are involved in the increasing xenophobic attacks in South Africa. 

South Africa Xenophobic attacks – In a parliamentary sitting on Thursday 5th August, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon Jacob Oulanyah called on African Leaders to ensure these conflicts are stopped earlier before the situation gets worse.

On Sunday, violence against immigrants broke out in South Africa, and for days now, it has sparked angry reactions across the continent.

Notably, these anti-foreigner xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg have triggered violence and widespread looting of South African-owned brands in Nigeria.

Protesters set fire to many entrances leading into a busy mall housing South African retail store Shoprite and looted groceries and toiletries from the supermarket in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial centre.

Another outlet belonging the chain and one owned by South African mobile company MTN were vandalized in Ibadan city in southwest Nigeria.

South Africa Xenophobic attacks
Shoprite in Nigeria under attack as Nigerians fight back on South Africa Xenophobic

Meanwhile, Jacob Oulanyah, stated that the situation is likely to escalate if not addressed in time, adding that there has to be a lasting solution as these xenophobic attacks on foreigners have been in existence over years. 

“Something has got to be done. All these things eventually have got ramifications; you see what a country in West Africa has decided to do in retaliation. We don’t want this situation happening in Africa,” said Oulanyah.

“Our people have been affected as Ugandans. Several citizens of other countries have been affected. If we continue like this, it will excite other people who never had a problem with this situation to also start acting the same, which will be disastrous,” Oulanyah added.

What other Parliamentarians said

  • Hon. Jacquiline Amongin, Woman MP Ngora district 

“The xenophobia in South Africa is uncalled for and we condemn it. We need to know that South Africa hosts many institutions of the African Union and the safety of all Africans while it is not guaranteed.”

  • Hon Muwanga Kivumbi DP, Butambala County.

“The global village is becoming narrower. In America, there is a huge debate on immigration and closing of borders; when you see what is driving Brexit, it is intolerance. The world is closing in.”

  • Hon. Cecilia Ogwal FDC, Dokolo district.

“We are seeing in the media what is happening but they cannot give us the information.” 

  • Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda FDC, Kira Municipality.

“We need to know those who are safe and those who need immediate help.”

By John Dalton Kigozi