Security Minister Tumwine
Kadaga summons security minister Tumwine over allegations of torture chambers

Speaker Kadaga summons the Security Minister Tumwine over allegations of torture chambers in the country 

Security Minister, General Elly Tumwine has been summoned by Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga to report to parliament to explain why some Ugandans are jailed and tortured in the two alleged safe houses in Kyengera and Kalangala.

These two safe houses according to reports are said to be torture chambers for many Ugandans.

“We demand from the Security Minister, the information about these safe houses, one in Kyengera and Kalangala and others. The Minister of Security should come here and inform this House why they are holding Ugandans in those safe houses,” Kadaga said.

Kadaga as well directed the Human Rights Committee of Parliament to immediately investigate the status of these two safe houses and later return to parliament with a report.

“The Human Rights Committee of the House should handle this issue as well and give us a report.” 

Kadaga’s directives followed a matter of National importance raised by several legislators on the floor of parliament indicating torture tells from victims of the said torture centres, one in Kyengera and another in Kalangala.

Kawempe North legislator, Latif Ssebagala together with other legislators in the Thursday parliamentary sitting chaired by the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga informed parliament that many Ugandans are undergoing torture in those safe houses by Uganda’s security operatives.

And it’s alleged that those who have been tortured to the extent of maybe death there bodied are thrown in the river.

“Madam Speaker this is a serious allegation that needs our investigation so that we can find out because we have heard many people missing and there are nowhere to be traced. They are not in prison they are not in police cells, they are nowhere to be traced,” Ssebagala said.

Ssebagala adds that there are many containers in those centres where these people are kept and tortured.

Kasiano Wadri, legislator Arua Municipality informed parliament that the majority of Ugandans who have been incarcerated in these safe houses are mainly politicians and lawyers.

And they have been denied access to their relatives, medical personnel and legal representation.

“People have undergone torture! They are given one meal in four days and the time when Atim was arrested, she was carrying a four months’ pregnancy which she lost through miscarriage,” Wadri said.

Now legislators say, security government agency, the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) is behind this unlawful arrests and torture of innocent civilians.

“They are picked up by ISO and other security operatives. They are taken to Katabi and then they get canoes and boats, and they take them to Kalangala island, a place called Lwamayuba,” Ssebagala informed parliament.

Wadri says people are tortured to the extent of deforming their bodies and losing sense in some of their body parts in those safe houses. 

“With people getting deformation from a safe house, other men have lost their manhood in that same place and the rest cannot be talked about. It’s so inhuman and so horrifying!” Wadri said.

Weeks ago a city lawyer, Patrick Mugisha went missing and it was later revealed that he was allegedly kidnapped by ISO operatives, and when he returned he said he was taken and kept in a safe house located in Kyengera along Kampala – Masaka road where he met some of his colleagues.