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gospel Singer Judith Babirye
Judith Babirye: Gospel singer speaks out on why she fled her marriage. Photo/YouTube

Judith Babirye is a Ugandan gospel musician and politician. She is a senior pastor at “New Life Deliverance Church” in Makindye Division in Kampala.

Judith Babirye was born on September 23, 1977, in Nyenga. She got married to Samuel Niiwo but later on they separated after having one child that’s Nana Mulungi Li.

However, after Babirye was elected Woman legislator for Buikwe District, she decided to get married once again to her best friend at parliament Paul Musoke Ssebulime, a Pilot by profession and a fellow legislator for Buikwe North Constituency last year in July.

Their lavish marriage ceremony was a secret event amidst tight security! The venue was communicated to their guests at the last hour after his wife Lukiya Ntale vowed to disorganise the event.

Lukiya Nantale who had been married to Ssebulilme for over 10 years had issued several warnings to Judith Babirye against getting married to her husband. But Ssebulime said he was free to marry another woman because he and Ntale are not legally married.

Wedded by Pastor Irene Mangeri and Pastor Imelda Namutebi, the queen of gospel music in Uganda vowed to love Ssebulime in a way that will impress God as well as giving him twins after the two pastors prayed to God to keep the couple together. 

Nonetheless, Judith Babirye who is seven months pregnant now lives in the USA in Massachusetts State, Boston City following a strained relationship in her marriage which she has been in for less than a year. 

Reports indicate that before Babirye fled the country, she was living in fear thinking she could be a victim of ritual sacrifice from her husband, and since then she’s said to have fled their marital home in Naalya.

She also suffered a strange sickness said to be poisoning. So, this is believed to be the likely reasons as to why she fled the country abandoning her marriage and parliament.

It’s also reported that Judith Babirye informed her close friends in Boston that her relationship with her husband was no more claiming to be cursed when it comes to marriage issues.

In her statement, she said this time she was determined to ensure that her marriages work out, but unfortunately, it failed again due to some circumstances and misunderstandings that encountered their marriage.

In the very beginning of their relationship, Babirye and Ssebulime had agreed that Ssebulime would cut ties with her former wife Ntale completely and be hers alone, which he failed to do.

Babirye says after their marriage, Ssebulime started seeing her former wife, the mother of his children once again and he could absent himself from marital duties at times. Something Babirye wasn’t comfortable with and this as well traumatised her a lot.

She also says Ssebulime’s other ex-wives whom he hid from her at the very start continuously claimed he’s theirs too and demanded to be sharing him with Babirye.

All these kept her sick and she had to leave to the US to attend better medical services.

After seeking permission from the Speaker of parliament, Hon Rebecca Kadaga in April this year to go and seek better medical care. Legislators always are given sick leave in case they ask for it.

Spokesperson Parliament, Chris Obore confirmed this saying truly Babirye is sick and on a sick leave but never disclosed her sickness saying it’s well known to her and the Speaker.

He, however, said she will return when she gets well and asked people in Buikwe District to stay firm, pray for Babirye as they wait for her return. 

Another issue was that Babirye failed to balance marriage and her celebrity life.

It’s reported that her close friends have advised her to seek asylum in the US if at all she does not want to return to Uganda soon.

And ever since Babirye left her marriage, Lukiya Ntale is said to have reposed her husband who she had for long been fighting for, and Ssebulime no longer wears the marriage ring.

In Boston, Babirye stays with Kamoga, a gospel artiste who as well supports her materially and since she’s seven months pregnant for Ssebulime, she might give birth in the US.