Sue Dr Hamza Sebunya. Meet Rema's new man identified as Hamza Sebunya
Sue Dr Hamza Sebunya: Tamale Mirundi, Pastor Sempa speaks out on the Rema and Kenzo’s failed relationship. Photo/Facebook

Tamale Mirundi commenting on Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula’s failed relationship says the BET Award winner, Kenzo should drag Dr Hamza Sebunya, a gynaecologist at Mulago Hospital to courts of law for causing a rift in their relationship.

Mirundi says the laws governing medical practitioners, do not allow a doctor (Dr Hamza Sebunya) to have intimate relations with his patient.

So, if Dr Sebunya was a personal doctor to Rema, Kenzo should sue him in courts of law.

However, he also noted that the two could not stay together as a couple, because Rema is always in parties doing her music, while Kenzo makes constant travels and this together makes no combination.

“if at all he (Sebunya) has been Rema’s Doc? It’s just a matter of saying it and have his practising licence cancelled,” Mirundi said. “Kenzo is timid over nothing! One is that Sebunya was a family doctor, he should sue him for abuse of office. Don’t overlook an important issue,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi adds that the laws governing medics, a doctor has to be in the room with the nurse in the course of carrying out examinations

“Imagine Rema in the room with the doctor there are temptations. We should do things as they were in the early days, that a doctor is not supposed to examine a patent without a nurse in the room.”

“Kenzo is a Muslim man so he will marry other wives. Kenzo sings to be seen by other girls out there, he could not marry Rema at this time because celebrities marry at 70 years of age. Celebrities don’t marry! You may find that tomorrow Eddy Kenzo and Rema makes up their relationship and release a song ‘Wansigalamu’ like the one of Seruga ‘Akamyewo,” Mirundi added.

Tamale Mirundi Kenzo Rema failed relationship
Tamale: Kenzo should drag Dr Hamza Sebunya, a gynaecologist at Mulago Hospital to courts of law for causing a rift in their relationship. File Photo

While Pastor Martin Sempa, of Makerere Community Church in his view, supported Rema’s decision because Kenzo did not have the stamina and Rema could not stay with a man who does not have stamina in handling marital duties.

So he supports Rema in her decision to move on with Dr Hamza Sebunya if at all he can take good care of her.

“You take someone’s daughter home and you leave her there alone, then she starts saying I am not a mango you are waiting to ripen, am not a paw paw or Pineapple. That thing affects us, the girl (Rema) is tired of boredom and the Doctor I think has worked, he knows how to treat! She’s introducing him soon, and I pray that she makes it. I believe that a woman needs time even when you are busy doing your music, don’t only sing about stamina show it practically. I know they were not married, they were still in a girlfriend and boyfriend relationship, but in reality, you have to officially marry her that’s what’s called marriage and family,” Pr. Sempa said.

Rema Namakula’s on and off relationship with Eddy Kenzo made a final statement when she unveiled her new fiancée Hamzah Sebunya, a gynaecologist over the weekend.

Namakula circulated pictures of her and Sebunya all-over Social Media with a stated date for their traditional marriage in November 2019, something that shocked their fans and the public in particular.

Rema will be introducing Dr Hamza Sebunya to her relatives in Nabingo and thereafter takes their vows to become husband and wife. Invitation cards bearing her picture have already been issued to the guests.

Namakula new lover has fulfilled the messages contained in her songs particularly ‘Deep in Love’ where she said

“Njakubera Mukyala Doctor Wanabanga Doctor” translated as “I will be Doctor’s wife if my hubby is a Doctor.”

‘Siri Muyembe’ released in October 2018, in this song Rema confirms that all is not well with Kenzo, but when asked if the song represents the status of their relationship they denied. “Tonkabiranga Nga bakukubye bussu.” Translated as “never cry for me if it all slips from your hands.”

Still, in this song, Rema talks about her lover who is not responding to the love she offers him.

“I’m not a mango that’s going to ripen, neither am I a paw paw. If you are not seeing my worth, if you are not taking good care of me, others will take me. Then you will realise that you were the one in wrong.”

In ‘Siri Muyembe song, Rema was trying to communicate to Kenzo to see whether he will change his attitude towards her love for him, but he never minded.

Other songs include ‘Gutujja’, ‘be with you’.

Namakula and Kenzo have been in a 5-year relationship and together they have a child named Aamal Musuuza.

Nonetheless, Kenzo congratulated Dr Hamza Sebunya upon his achievement and asked him to love her more than he ever loved Rema, and support her music career as well which she passionately loves in the letter he posted on his social media platforms in response to Rema’s latest developments.