Mubarak Munyagawa meets Kitakka2
COSASE boss Mubarak Munyagawa confirms meeting Kitakka but denied discussing anything related to the on-going probe

COSASE boss Mubarak Munyagawa confirms meeting Kitakka but denied discussing anything related to the on-going probe

Mubarak Munyagawa, Chairperson Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises says government officials are in a mission to frustrate his work by bribing him with money and setting up women for him.

Munyagwa said that someone came over to him with a bribe of $50,000 if at all he let’s go the KCCA official, Moses Atwine who is being investigated on by COSASE team.

In a media briefing he addressed today at parliament, Munyagwa said if at all anyone comes out and accuse him of taking bribes from any civil servant, he will resign his service as COSASE chair.

His remarks follow a Monday picture of Munyagwa and Andrew Kitaka, director KCCA’s meeting at Silver City Restaurant, Garden City that went viral on Social Media platforms that were connected to bribes.

Mubarak Munyagawa meets Kitakka
COSASE boss Mubarak Munyagawa meets Kitakka, denies taking $50,000 bribe. Photo/Facebook

Munyagwa says their meeting was a coincidence, the two of them met accidentally on his way to the gym.

He, however, accused Moses Atwine, the embattled head of physical Planning at KCCA for being the master minder of what’ happening.

“I know who is behind all this is Moses Atwine (head of physical planning at KCCA) whom we recommended to step aside because his not qualified to plan for the capital city of Uganda. He can go to Kiruhura and educate people how to wash hands after visiting the toilets,” Munyagwa said.

He also said that their meeting was not associated with soliciting bribes to save any one’s job.

“I met with Kitakka nine days ago. The problem I have with Kitakka is the delay by the contractor to clear the Lubigi Drainage channel. This was not a secret meeting as some media houses are insinuating. How could I have a secret meeting at a balcony of a restaurant in broad daylight?” Munyagwa said.

 “I ask you, journalist, to go to Garden City and go through that footage on CCTV and see our meeting. There is nothing about me asking for money or carrying sacks of money out of that meeting,” Munyagwa added.

Munyagwa continued to accuse Atwine and the former KCCA Director, Jenifer Musisi of setting up a trap for him to fall into.

He says one day the two sent a girl to his office to seduce him, but he escaped their trap.

“The girl was sent by Atwine and Musisi to seduce me. She had removed her knickers and hidden them in the bra. But I had been tipped off the mission and I told her to leave the door open, and I called the PA in her presence to stay during the conversation but she had nothing to tell me.”

Additionally, Munyagwa said that Kitakka tried to raise Atwine’s matter but he ignored the conversation because Mr Atwine has to leave the office.

“Kitakka tried to tell me to let the status quo remain but I told him no. I only want my drainage channel. There is no bribe I can solicit from Kitaba because he has nothing. I failed to cooperate with Jennifer Musisi (former KCCA Executive Director) who had authority, why should I go with Kitaka who is also looking for survival?” Munyagwa wondered.

Meanwhile, he said that he is going to write to the Public Service Commission to terminate Atwine’s contract because he never attended a Physical Planning class, yet the city is in a bad state which needs proper planning.

Mubaraka Munyagwa is the Kawempe South legislator and COSASE Chairperson.

He is sometimes dramatic but when it comes to serious matters he turns serious and focussed.