Rema-and-Kenzo Eddy Kenzo speaks out on Rema
AM SORRY: Eddy Kenzo Speaks out on why his marriage with Rema failed. File Photo

Musician Eddy Kenzo has penned down an emotional letter to former wife Rema Namakula following their breakup after 5 years in relationship.

Rema who had one child with Kenzo is currently married to another man identified as Hamza Sebunya after the two held the Muslim wedding known as Nikah.

“We’ve been together with Rema for five years through thick and thin, we’ve had so many issues the very reason why our relationship failed, but even then, I never raised my hand to beat Rema for whatever reason, I never cheated on her, she found me with only one child, Mya Musuuza Mirembe which makes it 2 children for me including Aamaal,” part of Kenzo’s emotional statement read

In the same letter, the Sitya Loss singer indicates that only God can tell why their marriage failed with the ‘sili muyembe’ musician.

“Many are using this opportunity to bring me down musically and I can feel the forces, I wish you luck because I won’t fight back, I don’t have the guts and energy to do so,” Kenzo noted. 

“I will not expose Rema in any way, irrespective of what we’ve been through for the sake of winning this battle, it is a big no,” Kenzo added before indicating the He and Rema will still speak to each other concerning their only daughter, Aamaal.

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According to the letter, Kenzo has promised that he will not engage in public conversations concerning the break up with his long-time lover.

“We all want nice things in life and that is what we work for day and night, but as you can see, I’ve failed on this very nice thing however much I wanted it so bad,” he indicated.

He added I will protect you and not hold any interviews on this matter, I will not prove myself right, it is only God who knows why our relationship failed in spite of efforts of trying to be the best couple.”

Furthermore, Kenzo wished his former wife, Rema and her new husband the very best in their marriage as well he called on Dr Sebunya to continue supporting Rema’s music career like he (Kenzo) has been doing.

“I congratulate you Dr Sebunya. Love Rema to the fullest because you’re the man of her dreams and the reason she made this big decision, she is living her dreams mashallah, May the almighty show you the way and if it happens, that will only mean one thing that my love for you was way to below what he is offering,” Kenzo’s statement read.

“Rema loves music, please support her. I am not perfect, but I have tried my level best by writing and producing music for her, songs that she will forever perform, I will be glad if you can also support her career, Good luck my brother.”  

Meanwhile, Eddy Kenzo also indicated that he is still in love with Rema citing that he told her the same word in a meeting with her two weeks back, however, he respects his baby mama decision. 

“Rema, I love you, and this is what I told you in our last meeting two weeks back, I have been telling you the same thing and you very well know it, it should not come as a surprise that I have been telling you all along how much I love you, but maybe you never believed me. I repeat, I love you so much and that’s why you will always be a part of my family,” Kenzo’s letter read.

He added,

“Namakula, you know all my secrets, you still have custody of all our assets that include land, cars etc, please, feel free to take whatever you want as you go to your new home and what you don’t want, I ask you to keep them for me to the time when I can get another person that I trust that much.”  

Appropriately, Kenzo who is also set to release a song titled ‘Bibawo’ to mean ‘things happen’ highlighted that he is not an enemy to Rema’s new man as these things happen everywhere in the world.

By John Dalton Kigozi