Nagirinya’s family state house asks for money
3 State House officials reportedly requesting for Money from Maria’s family before starting to track the kidnappers. Photo/NTV Uganda

MP Zaake: 3 State House are requesting for Money from Nagirinya’s family before starting to track the kidnappers.

Commander of Special Forces Command (SFC), Maj Gen James Birungi has been asked by legislators to investigate claims indicating State House trackers deployed to help in tracking the kidnappers of Maria Nagirinya Gateni, who are said to be demanding money from the family before carrying on the investigation.

Nagirinya, Assistant Project Manager at Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) an NGO based in Muyenga Kampala and her driver, Ronald Kitayimbwa were murdered and their bodies dumped in a swamp in Nakitukuli Village, Mukono District after they were kidnapped at her gate while waiting for her sister to open the gate.

In the Tuesday Plenary sitting chaired by Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah the Mityana Municipality legislator, Francis Zaake Butebi raised the matter of National Importance saying they have video evidence of security officers from the State House requesting for Money from Maria Nagirinya’s family before starting to track the kidnappers.

“What I can tell you, Mr Speaker, I have the evidence with screenshots of these State House Controllers or Trackers asking money from the family. With evidence raised Mr Speaker, there’s one known as Lawrence Ssenyonga, another Willy Kasirye and another Eva Mutesasira and they have been asking money from the Nagirinya’s family or the relatives,” Zaake submitted.

But before Hon Zaake’s submission, Gordon Arinda, Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality legislator submitted that was the first to raise a matter of urgency about a one Reveranda in his Constituency went missing and efforts to trace his whereabouts have gone unsuccessful for over one month now.

“The members who came to my house were in total fear and were devastated by the disappearance of their father, as we speak it’s almost one and a half month of his disappearance and even reported to police, but so far no recovery of the Reverend has been made,” Arinda submitted.

Nevertheless, legislators said that the president who is the commander in Chief must take this matter seriously because we are losing direction in this particular security matter in the country.

According to them, the president himself promised that when he brings the cameras, security issue will be sorted out, but still, insecurity is increasing even after the cameras were installed.

In addition to the deployed LDUs, and sacked security heads like Kayihura, Tumukunde thinking maybe they were the ones instigating insecurity in the country.

Legislators say that kidnap is worrying everybody and when people call for help that kidnaps is taking place in their places from police, the police don’t go, and when Somebody is being killed, and people call out for police help instead of the police calls for State House which is not good.

And according to them if Police no longer have work to do in the area of protecting people’s lives and properties, it should be dissolved because every work is today being done by State House.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Internal Affairs, Gen JeJe Odongo informed parliament that on Thursday 5 this week he will present a joint ministerial statement on the State of Killing and government efforts to curb this increasing vice in the country.

“I undertake that by Thursday, I will be coming with a statement on the current status of the development of these issues which you have just raised, because I have been in meeting since last week on Friday, in relation to this matter and we are developing a statement to comprehensively respond to these matters,” Odongo said.

However, Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine, ISO boss, Bagenda Kaka, SFC Commander, Maj Gen James Birungi are expected to appear before the Human Rights Committee of Parliament on the alleged torture of civilians by Security operatives in the country.