Parliamentary committee gives Gen Tumwine
Gen Tumwine sets new conditions for the Parliamentary committee, I need more time to prepare myself

Gen Tumwine sets new conditions for the Parliamentary committee, I need time to prepare myself

Parliamentary committee declines Gen Tumwine’s request to have one-week time to prepare his response against the allegations

The Minister for Security Gen Elly Tumwine refused to answer allegations of contempt of parliament that includes demeaning Speaker Rebbecca Alitwala Kadaga.

He also threatening the life of Dokolo District Woman legislator, Cecilia Ogwal when he returned to the parliamentary Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline Committee on Friday 2, 2019.

Gen Tumwine first asked the committee to have the microphones switched on, he said there was a need to have a proper recording of his submission such that he’s not misquoted. 

“And I am wondering why these microphones should not be working? We have technology so that whatever we say here is on record. Today is Gen Tumwine in front of a Parliamentary Committee, tomorrow is you or another person or anybody, but this is basics of efficiency in how we do things, it’s very important,” Gen Tumwine stated.

After the microphones were switched on, Gen Tumwine then requested Committee members to provide him with an answer whether the investigations are after establishing the truth or even the lies presented against him before.

“Is the Committee only to establish the truth or is it establishing the lies also? If that is answered then I will be giving in my response,” said Gen Tumwine.

Committee member, Abdul Katuntu however, informed Gen Tumwine that he did not bring himself, but he was officially invited to appear before the committee to respond to claims of contempt of parliament. 

“Gen Tumwine didn’t just walk in here, he came here because he had been invited in writing! in writing,” Katuntu said.

Following the argument that proceeded between Gen Tumwine and the committee members, the chairperson to the committee was forced to adjourn the meeting for ten minutes, went into a closed-door interface to have more consultations in the absence of the General.

On return, Gen Tumwine began from where he ended questioning the summons the committee issued to him.

“Summons are given either for an accused or somebody who has committed a crime or somebody who’s a witness.”

“Gen Tumwine you know on matters of legal interpretation, you may be speaking to a king, so just listen,” Katuntu replied.

After this interface, Gen Tumwine requested the committee to give him one-week time to prepare his defence something that caused mixed reactions among the committee members, some in support of his request and some opposing it.

In the end, the committee declined Gen Tumwine’s request asking him to appear before them on Tuesday 6 August 2019 at 10 am.

“I will, therefore, request that the Gen appears before this committee on Tuesday morning at 10 am and the Committee will be ready with or without your evidence, I have adjourned.”